6 most daring photos of Lovi Poe

6 most daring photos of Lovi Poe

- Lovi Poe may not only be known for her roles on films, but for her daring choices in life as well

- The actress is game for anything, even posing with a python

- Here are photos of her that might just intensify your love for her

These days, there are a lot of celebrities who regularly flaunt their bodies on social media just to get likes. So it’s refreshing whenever we stumble upon someone like Lovi Poe, who is only sharing the real side of her beyond the cameras through her Instagram profile, regardless of the amount of attention she receives.

With her daring and charming photos, followers only have two options: hate her or love her – though we believe it would highly end up with the latter.

Try not to let your jaw drop with these eye-popping photographs of the gorgeous Lovi Poe.

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1. Warning: This is not for the faint-hearted. Lovi displayed how dauntless she is when she posed with a python that is not only merely inches (or centimeters) away from her face, but is also wrapped around her neck and torso. Where do you get the courage to do that, girl?

2. Lovi gives us a glimpse of her inked body when she gamely posed for this sexy photo shoot. We don’t mind having a peek of the other ones too! Who says only bad girls get tattoos? Obviously, not her.

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3. If you think Lovi only reveals her fearless side through her professional shoots, then think again. The young actress shows us that it is part of her lifestyle to go beyond boundaries – like that time she wore this tiny white dress that leaves us staring after.

4. Looks like we got our wish granted ASAP here. Not only were we given a chance to see another one of her tattoos, but that high slit which left her legs appear to be going on for days were also exposed to us.

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5. Backless isn’t only for gowns and dresses, you can rock it during the most casual of days too! Take it from Lovi who makes sure she injects her playful attitude on her wardrobe choices.

6. Let’s just say you don’t want to mess with her because she may appear to be prim and proper, but Lovi knows when to transform into a tough chick and kick your butt anytime!

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If you’re impressed with Lovi’s guts, then we think you’d be further struck with awe after seeing this woman rocking a beard.

Lovi Poe is the daughter of the late sensational action star Fernando Poe, Jr. and is currently an artist under GMA-7’s network management.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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