7 posts why Scarlet Snow Belo is a baby with beauty and brains

7 posts why Scarlet Snow Belo is a baby with beauty and brains

- Scarlet Snow Belo stood out among celebrity babies because of her undeniable intelligence

- Born March of last year, Scarlet already knows how to count and read the alphabet among her many talents

- Here are 7 posts of her you won’t believe until you see it with your very own eyes

When your parents are gorgeous celebrities or influential personalities, will it be hard to get the spotlight? Apparently, not so much.

In 2016, Filipinos just can’t help but to adore these celebrity babies, whose progress as they get older, were documented on social media. One of the most famous is none other than the daughter of Dr. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho, Scarlet Snow.

We think she’s one of the smart babies out there and we’re going to prove to you why!

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1. Have you been slacking off when it comes to your exercise routine? If you need an inspiration then why not try checking out Scarlet’s playtime? As young as she is, her parents are making sure that she’s still in shape. After all, exercise is good regardless of the age.

2. Is Scarlet going to be the next beauty doctor? Well, her mom really thinks so! She came from a family whose business is to transform Filipinos into modern day Cinderellas. If this is what Scarlet likes to be when she grows up, then she has all the support she will need.

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3. Whenever you’re feeling down then just look at this video of Scarlet! Does she even know how charming she is? This little girl is already an expert on lighting up the room and giving everybody a laugh.

4. 18 months and she can already count from one to ten? Yes, you read that right! Because of her father’s meticulous attention in Scarlet’s progress, she’s learning so much for a baby who’s just about to turn 2!

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5. She’s into musical instruments too! Did you know that a kid’s association with music at a very young age is a good sign? Look at Scarlet happily joining other kids while playing the drums. On top of everything, she’s even wearing a cute bunny headband! There’s too much cuteness we can’t handle over here.

6. If she can count numbers then she can definitely read letters too. Can Hayden tell us the secret in smart parenting? Scarlet’s only 1 year and 5 months old when this was taken. At that age, it’s really hard to get the attention of a child but look at her attentiveness! Are we seeing a baby genius in the making?

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7. When her mother asked her to turn around and pose, Scarlet was lost for a while. But she’s not as wrong as you might think because she literally turned around in circles. Isn’t that what “turn around” means in the first place? You’re so smart, Scarlet!

We can only hope this baby born with a huge tongue will have the same happiness as Scarlet.

To address the looming controversies, Dr. Vicki Belo clarified that Scarlet is her biological daughter born to a rumored Spanish-American surrogate mother.

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