6 Things Duterte’s Announcement Means for the Philippines

6 Things Duterte’s Announcement Means for the Philippines

The know-it-all, self-acclaimed genius, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, dropped a huge bombshell on Thursday, October 20, during an investment conference at the Great Hall of the People, Beijing. He announced his military and economic “separation” of the Philippines from the United States, the long-standing ally of the Philippines for more than six decades.

The President unabashedly laid down his “personal” reasons why he hates the Philippine ally. These reasons were personal to him considering that one of them was that he was accosted by a “black” airport official at the Los Angeles Airport when he was still Davao City mayor. In addition, he also admitted being denied a U.S. visa.

6 Things Duterte’s Announcement Means for the Philippines

Duterte and Xi Jinping (Photo credit: independent.co.uk)

With all these personal reasons coming straight from the horse’s mouth, no wonder he hates the United States so much to the point that he will break off ties with the said country just to satisfy his own personal ego.

So without thinking of the possible ramifications that his decisions will make on the Filipino people, who, ironically he took that sacred oath to serve, he made the “separation” official.

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Outlined below are some of the things that the President doomed the Philippines to suffer from.

1. Investment Losses

This is not something that will still transpire because the ball has already started rolling. In September alone, the Philippines already lost more than $2 billion worth of investments. Based on reports, investors who pulled out their investments from the country are looking at other countries in Asia. It could have been for the benefit of the Philippines, but hey, Duterte doesn’t care because he only listens to himself. So he wouldn’t care less even if the losses would reach $5 billion!

2. Negative effect on booming BPO industry

6 Things Duterte’s Announcement Means for the Philippines

Photo from International Business Solutions

Since most companies, if not all, BPO companies in the Philippines are mainly US companies, severing economic ties with the US can also mean withdrawal of these businesses. Senator Lacson has already given a strong warning that millions of Filipinos working for this industry could lose their jobs. Multiply that with the number of the family members they have and you’ll get an idea as to the massive number of people who will be affected.

In the meantime, while all these are happening in the Philippines, the President will be thinking of how to foster his newfound friendship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and how he could further insult the US, EU and the UN.

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3. Reduction (If Not Total Severance) of Import Quota

6 Things Duterte’s Announcement Means for the Philippines

Photo from Sugar World Vision International

The Philippines has been exporting so much of its agricultural products to the U.S. This definitely brings the country huge money inflows, which helps move the economy. The amount involved here isn’t peanuts and for a long time, it has sustained and has fostered economic growth in the Philippines. The President would just have to prepare his expletives-laden speech when he tells the poor farmer that the government has nowhere to sell his products.

Oh, and if Duterte says he would sell it to China, he must have forgotten that China is the third world’s largest sugar producing country, so it would affect their economy if they would purchase agricultural products from the Philippines just to please the egotistic President the Philippines has right now.

4. Stricter Restrictions (If Not Total Prohibition) on OFWs

Either the President didn’t see this or he’s too consumed with his ego about getting back at the United States for not giving him a visa when he was still Mayor. In the event that the United States would no longer welcome OFWs in their country, where will the President put them? In China? So instead of Mother Tongue, perhaps, the Filipinos must start learning the Chinese language. Now wait, isn’t it that the President mentioned he hates colonialism? Why embracing China now?

5. Endangering Philippines’ claim over Scarborough

6 Things Duterte’s Announcement Means for the Philippines

Photo from Asia Times

Both China and the Philippines lay claim over the disputed Scarborough Shoal and this might be the huge trade off. According to Duterte, he won’t touch the topic of the disputed island. A recent report stated that they will be talking about Scarborough. Which is which? Is word of honor included in the Philippine President’s vocabulary?

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6. Huge logistics needed to retrain soldiers

Isn’t it that the more efficient and practiced soldiers are, the better they become in the field? If Duterte would buy military equipment from China and Russia, then soldiers would need retraining in handling them, which if they don’t master handling Chinese equipment, it might just cost the lives of these Filipino soldiers.

Oh, an one thing more, before the President forgets, China's economy skyrocketed when the United States moved their industries to China. So looking at the bigger picture, one could see that U.S. still played a big factor in making China's economy prosper. If US played a huge role in boosting China's economy, how then can China alone support the Philippines?

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