7 reasons why Rhian Ramos deserves more time under the limelight

7 reasons why Rhian Ramos deserves more time under the limelight

- Rhian Ramos is arguable one of the underappreciated actresses of this generation

- With her looks, talent, and incredible personality, it is undeniable that she deserves more attention

- Here are 7 reasons why you should think so too

You may know Rhian Ramos through the numerous characters she has brought to life on the television screen at the Kapuso network. You have seen the various expressions she could paint on her face, and how impressive she can act – but how well can you truly identify with her?

We’re telling you it’s about time you start checking out her life beyond the cameras and follow her on her social media profiles because believe us, this young lady definitely deserves more attention and airtime than what she’s currently getting.

1. She’s a natural

This does not only apply make-up wise, but in everything else too. Rhian knows that being herself is the ultimate way to go and she has no troubles being an open book to her fans. If you ask us, it’s a refreshing thought that there are celebrities out there who aren’t trying hard to mask themselves just to earn enough followers. Kudos to you, Rhian!

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2. Her beauty isn’t only skin deep

Although we don’t hold it against other stars that they celebrate their special days with the grandest way they can, we are just equally inspired with Rhian’s acts of kindness. It just goes to show that she does not solely focus on her acting career, but intends to give back with all the success and blessings she has been receiving.

3. The girl knows how to be a goofball

Who’s not a sucker for a female who can make a fool out of herself and not be embarrassed about it? In fact, she even shared it on her Instagram account. Rhian knows that there’s no need to always look 100% perfect, but we doubt that she could be any less beautiful than she already is!

4. Clear the roads – she’s not your average driver

If this does not win you over, then we’re at a loss. What could be even tougher and cooler than a pretty chick beating men in a male-dominant sport? We know, none. Go ahead and kick their butts, Rhian!

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5. Is it Rhian or did it just suddenly get hot in here?

By this point, we can no longer fathom how come Rhian isn’t further recognized in the industry. We’re not only crediting her enviable body figure for this, but also for her effortless beauty.

6. You can call her miss independent

Far from what people outside of the show business expect, not all celebrities have yayas to heed their beck and call. Take Rhian for an example, she does her own errands – particularly laundry, and does not mind taking a time off from her artista mode.

7. Diet, what?

There are plenty of actors and actresses out there who are extremely conscious of their physique. Meanwhile, we have Rhian here who obviously knows when to treat herself to a cheat day.

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Occasional consuming of junk food is okay – take it from Rhian – but doing it on a daily basis is not a good thing or else you might end up having hazy goals just like this woman.

Rhian can be presently watched on her afternoon series during weekdays entitled “Sinungaling Mong Puso” and on “Bubble Gang.”

Source: Kami.com.ph

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