6 times your ideal relationship was inspired by Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres

6 times your ideal relationship was inspired by Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres

- Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez have been married for 18 years now and continues to be one of the longest celebrity couples

- The pair successfully ventured into politics where they both got the chance to serve the city of Ormoc

- Here are 6 times Richard and Lucy made us wish for a relationship like theirs

Richard Gomez used to be a promising actor who had lines of women waiting to be his girlfriend. On the other hand, there’s Lucy Torres, an emerging commercial model who fell in love with Gomez during their first stint together.

18 years later, they’ve proved that their love can withstand everything. Even with just 7 months into their relationship before getting married, they can only now laugh at the naysayers.

Here are 6 times that the couple will make you wish you can find a love as beautiful as theirs.

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1. They already mastered the art of compromise

Richard Gomez makes it a point to fulfill his duties diligently as the mayor of Ormoc City by staying in his office on most days. That’s why Lucy takes the time to visit his husband as much as she can. Even if their family resides in Metro Manila, the distance doesn’t matter for the couple.

2. Their comfort places are in each other’s arms

The couple likes going out on trips with their daughter Juliana. But on some days, they just prefer hanging out together. For them, the ideal time is when they’re with each other and the place doesn’t matter.

3. They can still be romantic even when on duty

As the mayor of the city, it’s Richard’s responsibility to boast about its wonderful places. While doing so, he didn’t forget to take his wife on a different kind of date. It was truly adorable when he made Lucy try the Propolis. He even shared that he found it endearing that his wife was afraid of being stung at first.

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4. They still know how to have adventurous getaways!

If you think that these power couple is too busy to indulge in their hobbies then you’re wrong. When they’re not on their usual dates, Richard likes taking out Lucy for a ride in his motorcycle.

5. They stare at each other like it’s love at first sight

On their separate Instagram accounts, both Richard and Lucy don’t have any problem professing their love for each other from time to time. Their story is a classic one where they still couldn’t get enough of each other like a young love.

6. It was wonderful witnessing their 18 years together

Would you believe that it has almost been 2 decades since they got married? In this era where #WalangForever is a defining thing about couples, Richard and Lucy says otherwise.

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We can only hope that their (and even our) relationship can be like this couple from USA.

Even with comeback of the love team of Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta, Lucy was confident of her husband. According to Gomez, it wasn’t in his wife’s nature to be jealous in the first place.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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