9 times Heart Evangelista displayed how perfect she is

9 times Heart Evangelista displayed how perfect she is

- Heart Evangelista is arguable one of the perfect women you could ever meet in a lifetime

- Her looks and impressive wide range of talents could attest to that

- Meanwhile, here are more reasons to prove that she is absolutely flawless

For some, people who are filthy rich and are blessed with astounding good looks are easily associated with perfection.

Although it may not always be the case, Heart Evangelista has shown us countless times that she is more than just those two qualities combined – which just proves that she is beyond flawless.

Are you still in doubt? Well, here are 9 photos that might just change your mind.

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1. When she was given a special tour by a prestigious brand

You know she has that extra flair – and not to mention, connections – when she scored an exclusive tour from an esteemed international brand in Paris. Heart might just be an ambassador of theirs (if she isn’t yet) and nobody would dare complain!

2. That time she looked like a living doll

It’s safe to say that this gorgeous black dress of Heart would the recipient of numerous inspirations, praises, and would probably go down in history as one of her most iconic outfits yet. Excuse us; we think we mistook her for Barbie.

3. She is the equivalent of ‘grace under pressure’

No time to have an outfit personally tailored for you with only hours before an important event? Well, you might be panicking when that happens to you but Heart finds no reason to do so. She quickly spiced things up with her handy skills!

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4. If MDS saw her fit to be a friend, then who are we to underestimate her?

Seriously, how many people has the late Miriam Defensor Santiago given her stamp of approval to? We’re assuming not plenty. So since Heart has been absolutely close with the former senator, it just means that she’s not only a pretty face but with brains to boot as well.

5. Her pool of gifts is not only limited to acting

Just in case you forgot, she released an album way back then – and trust us, this young lady can sing. But that’s not all! She can paint, manage a (mind you, successful) business, create perfumes, publish books, and many more. It’s probably easier to ask what she can’t do.

6. Even Duterte was captivated with her and her talents

Getting starstruck over Heart is nothing new, but to impress and hold the interest of the nation’s president with her wit, charm, and abilities – now that’s something. We don’t think anyone could easily ignore her presence in a room.

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7. Everyone is regularly blown away with her exquisite taste in fashion

Thinking about Heart and not immediately following it up with style or trendy is not a natural occurrence since the actress has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. Her good eye for clothes, shoes, and accessories has earned her the impression of being a fashion forward Filipina.

8. Paris, Vietnam, Japan – you name it, she’s been there

For Heart, getting to a different time zone is not an issue. Her Instagram feed is filled with frozen moments from her travels, and we’re still waiting for more!

9. No matter what time of day, trust her to always look flawless

Although celebrities are expected to appear presentable at all times, it’s an entirely different thing when Heart still looks like she just walked out of a photo shoot with a bare face on! How can you not be convinced that she isn’t perfect at this point?

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While Heart is being idolized for her beauty and numerous talents, here’s one woman who has inspired many despite looking different.

The actress is currently under the Kapuso network’s management and has been holding art galleries for her praiseworthy paintings.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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