10 hottest male politicians in the Philippines

10 hottest male politicians in the Philippines

When you think of politicians in the Philippines, the image you’d probably get in your head is a crocodile because they’re cold-blooded and they have thick skin.

While most of the politicians in the Philippines have a bad reputation for being corrupt crooks, there are some who aren’t. When you look at these pinoy politicians you’d definitely get a different image in your head.

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1. Isko Moreno

Isko Moreno Domagoso was known back in the day as simply ‘Isko Moreno.’ He was known for his acting in various romantic films and even some racy movies where he had to bare skin. After that, he tried politics in 1998 and has since then been in it. He is the current Vice Mayor of Manila.

2. Alfred Vargas

Another politician who started out as a sexy actor is Alfred Vargas. He was known for his films Bridal Shower and Liberated. After years of doing that as well, he wanted to change his reputation and prove to people that he is more than just a skin-baring actor. He wanted to prove to the people that he is devoted to his work as a politician by being a Congressman in Quezon City.

3. Yul Servo

Yul Servo showed off his hot body in various sexy films but now he’s ready to show off he has more to offer than his body. Yul Servo took an oath as a new Congressman for Manila’s third district this year.

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4. Jobo Magsaysay

Jobo is from a family of politicians. His mother Mitos ran for senator while he ran for his mom’s old position three years ago. Recently, the Government of Solomon Island sought his help in drafting a Special Economic Zone bill.

5. Onyx Crisologo

The good-looking Onyx Crisologo is the councilor for QC’s 1st district. His father, Bingbong is the city’s 1st district representative.

6. Gian Carlo Sotto

Gian Sotto is the son of politician and TV host Tito Sotto. His clan is also known in the political scene. He currently has five adorable boys and a newborn baby girl.

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7. Vico Sotto

Gian’s cousin, Vico Sotto didn’t follow his father Vic Sotto’s footsteps in the showbiz industry. He chose to do politics and won this year as Pasig City’s councilor.

8. Sonny Angara

Sonny Angara is a senator whose focus is on tax reforms, education, and social justice. His nose, chiseled jaw, and manly features make him such a hottie.

9. Francisco Zamora

Francisco Zamora is the current Mayor of San Juan city. Not only is he handsome, he also has a great muscular physique. He’s a tall, a bit dark, and definitely handsome!

10. Miguel Villafuerte

At the age of 27, Migs Villafuerte is one of the youngest politicians in the Philippines. He has been the Governer of Camarines Sur for three years. Before becoming a politician, he was in fact a model, which is why he always looks good in pictures (especially topless ones).

Other Filipino celebrities who entered the world of politics are shown in this video.

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