8 photos of Ellen Adarna that prove she's one of the hottest Filipinas

8 photos of Ellen Adarna that prove she's one of the hottest Filipinas

- Ellen Adarna is a fierce and sexy actress who’s known for her outgoing attitude and daring photos

- More than a pretty face, she was praised for taking on mature roles when she entered the entertainment industry

- Here are 8 photos of Ellen Adarna that will prove why Filipinos can’t get enough of her

Expect the fierce and sexy Ellen Adarna to always capture everyone’s attention whenever she’s in the room. Due to her chinita features and gorgeous bod, she’s the envy of most Filipinas.

From time to time, she will receive some criticism due to her daring photo shoots but she still stood strong. She also chose not to stay silent when it comes to her bashers on social media.

In the meantime, here are 8 photos of the Cebuana hailed beauty that makes her one of the hottest celebrities in the country.

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1. That time she put fine dining on another level

Ellen posed with her gorgeous curls while wearing lingerie for this tasty photo shoot. Most of us like eating candidly but we don’t remember looking this good. We can’t wait for her appetizing photos with the acclaimed photographer, Mark Nicdao.

2. She knows how important it is to stay fit

To maintain a figure like hers, Ellen is persistent on following up her exercise routines. According to her, she’s willing to try running, boxing, spinning, and even Zumba to get her previous bod back just in time for the fashion show of the clothing company, Bench.

3. Her bikini bod is to die for

All the hours she spent on the gym and her strict diet did pay off since her figure is already the envy of a lot of women. With a bare face, all she needed was a fierce pose to capture the perfect bikini photo.

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4. She’s sexy in front and behind the cameras

If not for her glam team included in the photo, you would think this was already a picture for a magazine spread. Ellen’s appeal just radiated even behind the cameras. It looked they didn’t have to put so much effort in producing her flawless shots.

5. That time she rocked the red lipstick look

What better way to wear a bold red lipstick than to pair it with a natural makeup? Ellen clearly knew how to make this look work as she opted to just fill her eyebrows. In addition, she also decided to use a light color of blush to accentuate her lips.

6. Is this the look of someone who’s about to go to the hospital?

Yes, you’ve read that right. When Ellen posted this on Instagram, she was just on her way to see a doctor to check on her condition. We can’t say we look anything like her during our worst days. How to be you po, Ellen?

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7. Her humor is a part of her overall charm

When Ellen saw an establishment with the saying “Over my dead body,” she quickly snapped a photo with it. But instead of just posing like the usual, she took the chance to inject some humor into it.

8. She can be classy when she wants to

Over time, Ellen kept on showing that she has nothing to prove to the naysayers who don’t believe in her. Stay classy!

If you consider Ellen Adarna as your inspiration when it comes on keeping fit then you shouldn’t miss this 60-year old bodybuilder.

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Despite being seen together numerous times, Ellen denied her involvement with the president’s son, Baste Duterte. The latter is in a relationship with the mother of his 2-year old son.

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