7 reasons why Marcos shouldn’t be buried at LNMB

7 reasons why Marcos shouldn’t be buried at LNMB

Ferdinand E. Marcos was the fallen dictator who attempted to put himself in power perpetually, were it not for the intervention of the more than two million Filipinos who put their lives on the line on EDSA on that momentous day of February 26, 1986.

Sad to say however, it would seem that the current generation has forgotten what the country, their fellow Filipinos, have suffered under the hands of the Marcoses, and they would just use the term “move on” so as to justify the burial of one loathsome dictator in the hallowed and most-respected Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB).

7 reasons why Marcos shouldn’t be buried at LNMB

Marcos Monument, farmer reads newspaper "Marcos flees" (Photo credit: presidential museum)

What is Marcos anyway, a villain turned hero? Nah, history tells people that this can never be so, and the seven reasons stated below will tell you why he does not deserve even one square meter of burial ground at the LNMB.

1. It defies the well-entrenched purpose of the Libingan ng mga Bayani

The Libingan ng mga Bayani is a place for heroes who did exemplary stuff, which contributed greatly to the well-being of the Filipinos. Heroes, who in a sense, when one remembers their name, good can be spoken of them. Can the same be spoken of Ferdinand E. Marcos who caused much suffering to many Filipinos? The answer is a definite “No!”

2. He caused the disappearance of thousands of Filipinos

In a country that espouses democracy, the disappearance of thousands of Filipinos just because they were “suspected” of plotting against the government is reprehensible. From the time he sat in office, until the time that his government was toppled by “People Power,” thousands disappeared, whose bodies weren’t found and whose families never knew what happened to them.

7 reasons why Marcos shouldn’t be buried at LNMB

Police disperse rallyists during Martial Law (Photo credit: Trade Union and Human Rights)

3. The fact that he was a former President is not enough justification.

Duterte’s sole justification of his desire to have Marcos buried at the LNMB was because of Marcos being a former President is not enough. The title of being President does not automatically confer the individual the accolades that befit a hero.

With the death of many Filipinos in his hands, and having accumulated so much wealth for his family while they were in power, will these then be considered heroic acts?

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4. A deal has already been made. Respect it please.

For humanitarian reasons, former President Fidel V. Ramos agreed for Marcos’ body to be brought back to the Philippines provided he would be buried at Ilocos. The Philippine government back then remained true to the deal as it allowed Marcos’ body entry to the Philippines. But the Marcoses? No, they didn’t.

Marcos’ body was brought back but it was not buried in Ilocos. Now, they want it buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. The allowance of this act is a breach of an agreement between the Marcoses and the Philippine government.

Will Duterte, who is now representing the Philippine government and with a sworn duty to protect the interest of the Philippines, allow this?

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5. A foul attempt to rewrite Philippine history

Instead of being seen as the leader who caused much suffering to the Filipinos such that they had to topple him through a “bloodless” revolution, the burial of Marcos at LNMB would give the guy a semblance of being a hero. The next generation will only view him as a President buried alongside heroes at a place reserved for exemplary Filipinos. Whatever happened in the past will be small part of memory that will just fade away. This attempt of rewriting history must not be allowed.

6. Not only responsible for death but plundered the Philippines

It was during the Martial Law Years that the Marcoses were able to buy large conglomerates in the Philippines such as ABS-CBN (a good thing that the Lopez’s were able to take it back), PLDT, PAL, Asia Brewery and many more. It is also during this time that the head of these companies were dummies put in place by Marcos.

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7. He buried the Philippines in huge debt

During Martial Law, the Philippines incurred a huge debt while his family gained so much wealth.

If all these are okay with the Filipinos, and with the present President of the Philippines, then God help the Philippines!

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