7 times when we just can't get over Zion Gutierrez

7 times when we just can't get over Zion Gutierrez

- At a young age, Zion Gutierrez is already captivating the hearts of Filipinos as he charms everyone with his adorable ways and good looks

- His parents, Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez, were generous enough to share photos of him on Instagram

- Here are 7 times he’s undeniably one of the cutest celebrity kids on social media

It felt like yesterday when Richard Gutierrez dropped the bomb on their reality show under E! It turned out that his longtime girlfriend, Sarah Lahbati, already gave birth to their firstborn named Zion.

Fast forward to present time, baby Zion isn’t such a baby anymore. He’s already an energetic toddler who’s captivating the hearts of anyone who stumbles upon his photos on Instagram.

If you haven’t already checked his photos out then here are 7 guaranteed times he might just be the cutest celebrity kid you’ll ever see!

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1. That time he realized that his toys are bigger than life

As a young growing boy, it’s obvious that Zion is into toys like cars, robots, and dinosaurs. Imagine the shock of his life when his parents brought him to see an imitation of one. We’re excited to know what’s running on that curious mind of his.

2. He’s already a boy with no fears

There’s a lot of adults who can’t say they’re brave enough to ride a horse but look at this young guy. More than afraid, it looked like he was just excited to be on the back of a real horse instead of the one in pictures. It’s a good thing that his father was there to enjoy the moment with him.

3. Zion is a heartthrob in the making

With his curly locks and adorable features, we can already see him being the subject of women’s affection. But for now, Sarah just drew an imaginary date for him. Can we also just mention that he’s already one fashionable kid?

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4. It looks like music is going to be his forte too!

Imagine Sarah and Richard’s delight upon seeing how Zion is already showing his interest on various musical instruments. On top of being a good looking kid, we can’t wait to see what instrument he will play in the future.

5. The cameras clearly love him

Usually, we’re lucky to see photos of him on his parents’ Instagram accounts. Don’t worry, you’ll get to see more of his endearing ways on television. It’s because at the age of 3, several advertisements were already lined up for him. We can totally see why.

6. A swim in the pool on a hot day might be his favorite thing

We’re quite sure he got this interest from his parents who both expressed their love for swimming. When their family went on a trip to Bali, Zion was obviously enjoying every moment.

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7. We’re just excited to see him grow right before our eyes

We couldn’t be more thankful to his generous parents for letting us witness his journey. When you’re feeling down then checking out baby Zion’s photos is the sure way to turn your day around.

Speaking of adorable babies, here’s a bunch of them who might dance better than you do!

During an early interview, Richard already expressed their support if ever Zion decided to be an actor like his parents. He currently just starred in a commercial with Sarah for a brand of powdered milk.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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