Binay offers Duterte free psychiatric service in Makati

Binay offers Duterte free psychiatric service in Makati

Vice President and United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) standard-bearer Jejomar Binay advised Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to undergo a full psychiatric and physical examination immediately. According to Binay, it is possible that he is already being adversely affected by the stress brought upon by campaigning.

Hinihikayat ko si Mister Duterte na magpatingin na agad sa psychiatrist. Mukhang sobra na siyang naaapektuhan ng stress sa kampanya,” said Binay. (I am encouraging Mister Duterte to immediately consult a psychiatrist. It seems that the stress of campaigning is getting to him.)

Binay noted that Duterte himself admitted that the latter is afflicted with an illness and the stress of the campaign and all the issues thrown at him can further aggravate his psychological and physical condition. Binay added that Duterte should go to Makati for his medical consultation so that he can avail of the free services offered in the said city.

Binay also said Duterte "should assure the people that he is of sound mind and body, especially if he is to become president."

The Vice President pointed at Duterte’s flip-flopping and confusing response on the complaint filed by a women’s rights group as a sign that the latter’s mental health is deteriorating. Binay added that Duterte does not even feel any remorse for any of his shortcoming. “No God-fearing person wishes harm on another person, even his political enemies,” said Binay.

Duterte previously admitted that he suffered from spinal problems due to a motorcycle accident years ago. He has also spoken of his Barret’s esophagus, a disease involving the tissue in the esophagus.

Duterte was also found by a clinical psychologist as unable to “remain committed to a person or a relationship." He also has "gross indifference to others’ needs and feelings, heightened by lack of capacity for remorse and guilt.”

Moreover, Duterte admitted having Buerger's disease as well, a condition that causes constriction of the blood vessels due to nicotine. But Duterte had repeatedly maintained that he is physically fit to lead the country.


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