Cathy Gonzaga proves she is funny and beautiful

Cathy Gonzaga proves she is funny and beautiful

- Filipinos are known for posting hundreds and thousands of pictures on social media

- Making captions to go with those pictures, on the other hand, takes skill

- Cathy Gonzaga proves that she can flaunt her beauty on instagram while also making the funniest and cutest captions

If you think you can make good captions for your photos, think again.

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There is a reason why Cathy Gonzaga, the co-host of the first and second season of The Voice of the Philippines, has more than 3 million followers on Instagram.

Not only is she a sight to behold, she is also a queen in making witty, puny, and funny captions. She loves taking pictures just to make some funny captions.

Here is example number one.

Pasig River. It looks brown and dirty. We all know how it looks and how it smells. And its something not worth remembering.

However, on her trip to London, Cathy decides to poke fun at the river.

Her caption: “Sa London ito promise.. Muka lang sa may Pasig river pero sa London talaga ito.”

Hehehe, its funny how she sees the London River and it reminds her of Pasig River.

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If that didn't make you smile, well here is another caption that surely will!

If you are a Filipino who has walked along the streets and alleys of Manila, then you are sure to know that some corners, walls, and posts have that distinct urine smell. On her trip to Central Park, New York City, Cathy decides to take a photo beside a lamp post.

Her caption on the photo was “Sarap tambay sa poste dito linis di amoy wiwi.”

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Cathy Gonzaga has a hundred more photos on her instagram account that proves she is funny and beautiful. Go check them out! @cathcygonzaba

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