6 reasons why we fell more in love with Kim Chiu

6 reasons why we fell more in love with Kim Chiu

- Kim Chiu is undeniably one of the most charming Filipina celebrities of this generation

- Despite her astounding success, she’s still the humble chinita we used to know back in a reality program

- Here are more reasons why Kim Chiu continues to capture our hearts

From being a mere “Pinoy Big Brother” (PBB) teen housemate back in 2006, Kim Chiu has definitely come far.

Although she was only a regular young lady then, the same cannot be said at present time since she has become a household name in the Philippines.

Armed with her wit and charm, Kim has been dubbed as the chinita princess since her PBB stint up to now. So what does she do to hold on to her title? Let’s find out with these 8 reasons.

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1. She’s a daredevil

Kim may look frail with her slim figure but this actress is game for everything – and when we say everything, we mean it down to its very last meaning. It’s probably likely that she does not possess any sort of fear within her tiny frame as she easily overcomes gut-twisting rides at amusement parks and heart-pumping activities!

2. Her laugh is infectious

It’s hard to imagine Kim without associating her with smiles and her hilarious laugh – you may not even find a joke funny but once you heard her laughing, you might just end up giggling out of sheer amusement.

3. She shares her cooking recipes

Recently, the artist started on documenting her cooking adventures on her Snapchat and Instagram profiles. Needless to say, a lot were impressed with how she comes up with these mouth-watering meals by the end of the short video – more, please!

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4. Her career is praiseworthy

Not only is her acting on par with the most laudable celebrities but she has stayed active on the entertainment scene for 10 entire years. Her life in show business is filled with one project after another, and she even released an album where she received an award for one of her songs. You go, Kimmy!

5. She is a charmer

With her vibrant personality, everything is about radiating positive energy – and you can attest to that even just through her social media accounts. Kim will take you to places and is not even one percent selfish on sharing her life with her fans.

6. Her heart is made of gold

Well, not literally but you get the point. Even though Kim has accomplished various levels of success in life, she remains to be glued to the ground (no diva here!) and loves to spend her downtime with her loved ones.

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However, if you’d like to see a whole new level of acting then this shocking piece of news is for you.

Aside from television series and movies, Kim has also ventured into the world of hosting through “The Voice” and her guest host stints on “It’s Showtime.”

Source: Kami.com.ph

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