9 instances why Gabbi Garcia is the next biggest Kapuso actress

9 instances why Gabbi Garcia is the next biggest Kapuso actress

- Gabbi Garcia continues her journey on being the next biggest Kapuso actress and with the possibility of being the next Teen Queen

- Her model-like figure and gorgeous features make her stand out apart from her impressive acting skills

- Here are 9 times she stole the spotlight and proved why people’s eyes should be on her

If ABS-CBN has their rosters of successful teen actresses, then GMA is answering back with their own headed by none other than Gabbi Garcia.

The emerging actress is starting to make a name for herself after starring in numerous shows. She also got to be the cover girl of glossy magazines. In addition, one of the country’s biggest clothing line banks on her as the head of their newest line.

That’s why we’re giving you 9 reasons to not miss out on her!

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1. That time she looked like the perfect doll

Gabbi Garcia makes her glam team’s job easy. With a facial structure like hers, they won’t have a hard time making her doe-like eyes pop out. In this ensemble, her white blouse with ruffles was simple yet elegant.

2. She’s the face of the newest line of “Bench”

Given the numerous artists under their belt, Bench specifically chose Gabbi along with two other young actors to spearhead the launch of this collaboration. If one of the Philippines’ clothing brand sees something in her then it’s about time people should take notes too.

3. She can rock chokers and strappy heels in her own way

With a messy bun, a white choker instead of the usual black one, and an oversized shirt, she knows how to put a twist on the latest trends. We don’t mind peeking in her closet one of these days.

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4. She loves treating herself a donut or two – just like us – but in style!

Despite the constant pressure to stay in shape, she still makes time to munch on her favorite desserts. She does it while donning a pastel off-shoulder and a hippy pair of sunglasses that made everything more appealing.

5. She’s stunning even without makeup

During her trip to the dermatologist, she had no problems going with just her bare face. Don’t worry Gabbi, even with your eye bags that you apologized for, you still look as gorgeous.

6. She’s also good at taking aesthetic photos

Who knew pancakes in a plastic container could look this good? Just like other famous celebrities, Gabbi can take pleasant pictures as can be seen on her Instagram feed.

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7. She and her sister are a famous duo for their covers

With over 3.1 million views and 178,000 likes, Gabbi showed off her singing skills. She sang The Chainsmokers’ hit “Roses,” while her sister strummed the guitar. You can see more of their covers on her official Facebook account or snippets from her Instagram account.

8. She’s the other half of an emerging love team

She’s already a talented actress on her own but why refuse the undeniable chemistry between her and the other half of the GabRu, Ruru Madrid. Although they insisted on their friendship instead of dating, we’ll just have to see!

9. She’s born ready to make a name for herself

Right before her biggest role in “Encantandia,” GMA continuously gave her shows. It only goes to show how the network is really banking on her to be one of their biggest stars. From the looks of it, they won’t be disappointed.

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If Gabbi Garcia can be stylish then so can these celebrity kids from Nigeria that you should check out.

When they were pitted against each other, Gabbi insisted on her friendship with Kathryn Bernardo. It turns out they were childhood friends and even follows each other on Instagram.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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