6 times Angelica Panganiban was everyone's ideal friend

6 times Angelica Panganiban was everyone's ideal friend

- Angelica Panganiban is an acclaimed actress in front of the cameras but behind it, she’s an eccentric person who’s fun to be around with

- Her numerous friends attested to her loyalty and ability to make everything enjoyable

- Here are 6 times you also wish you’re best of friends with her

Angelica Panganiban grew right before everyone’s eyes. But now that she is an actress with a number of acclaimed dramas under her belt, she continues to be a sight to watch for everyone.

Sometimes even her personal life is as colorful as her acting life. From her friendships to her love life, we can’t help but to be curious how she is as a companion.

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That’s why here are 6 times we think that she would be a great friend to anyone.

1. She’ll inspire you to be more environment conscious

Just recently, Angelica revealed another talent or hobby of hers which awed us. Did you know that she can make homemade organic products? Instead of succumbing to the local ones, she inspired each and every one of us to contribute in helping mother Earth.

2. When she didn’t let being in different networks be a barrier

We already know how she shared an unspoken but strong friendship with Marian Rivera. But were you aware that she’s also a good friend of Glaiza de Castro? This is a testament on how her loyalty lies on a person despite their different circumstances.

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3. She’s a great cook you can learn a thing or two from

Aside from local delicacies, Angelica also knows how to cook a pho right from her own kitchen. Don’t you want to be with someone who challenges you to be a better cook? Just imagine all the laughs you can share with her too.

4. She knows how to be crazy while having fun

When you’re down and need a shoulder to cry on then it’s always good to be in the companion of your friend. But aside from consoling you, Angelica looks like someone who can also turn your day upside down. Her craziness is so infectious that you can’t help but to join in.

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5. She’ll play Pokémon Go with you

Even months after its official release, it’s still fun searching for Pokémon to be the very best that no one ever was. It’s adventurous to stroll around and search on your own but why do that when you have someone as enthusiastic as Angelica?

6. You’ll both turn heads during your night out

As much as it’s fun being candid with her, expect Angelica to also doll up with you when the occasion calls.

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Angelica’s known for her simplicity and humility. Here is another video to give us a lesson on it.

Angelica is currently shooting a film entitled “Unmarried Wife” with Dingdong Dantes, Dimples Romana, and more under Star Cinema.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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