This island of dolls is the creepiest place!

This island of dolls is the creepiest place!

There are many creepy places you would not want to visit alone on our planet. The one that would stun your and give you a chill is located in Mexico. It is called the island of dolls. See how scary it is!

shocking Island of Dolls

Initially people did not intend this island to be a tourist destination. The place was created over 50 years ago. It is full of all kinds of old dolls or doll heads. That already sounds creepy, right?

Island of Dolls frightful

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At first the island was almost desolate. The only man living on it was Don Julián Santana Barrera. He had kids and wife, but decided to move to this lonely spot and reside there alone!

Don Julián Santana Barrera

One of his daughters died and the man could do nothing to save her life. That incident has broken him down. However, soon after he has found a lost and old doll in a ditch. He got it out, but soon found another one. The dolls kept coming his way and he decided they were sent by the evil spirits.

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Island of Dolls scary

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creepy tourist destination

He took the dolls and hung them on the trees to gain some kind of protection from evil this way and make the bad spirits suffer. After a short while the whole island was “decorated” with old and broken toys and dolls.

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mexico Island of Dolls

Island of Dolls creepy


Island of Dolls

He’s been doing it for over 50 years. Eventually the man was found dead in the spot, where his little girl drowned so many years ago. He died in 2001 and since that Isla de las Muneca has become a famous place for tourisms to visit and feel the creepiness of it. It’s a sad story.

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