Crazed man gets beaten up by guards in Bukidnon mall

Crazed man gets beaten up by guards in Bukidnon mall

EDITOR’S NOTE: This video contains themes and images that may not be suitable for minors. Parental guidance is strongly advised.

A video showing a crazed man trying to attack people inside the Gaisano Malybalay mall in Bukidnon and then getting beat up by the security guards has gone viral.


Crazed man gets beaten up by guards in Bukidnon mall (Photo: Facebook)

“Eto po yung lalaking nag amok at nagwala sa Gaisano Malaybalay, malaki siguro problema neto,” the netizen who shared the video posted.

(This is the man who went amok and crazy at the Gaisano Malybalay, he could have done this because he was facing a big problem.)

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The video begins with the crazed man going down the stairs with some cops and security guards monitoring his every move.

Once the suspect reached the mall’s ground floor, he then started to attack the other mall-goers. Sounds of screaming and shouting can be heard as the mall-goers panicked.

The security guards immediately ganged up on the crazed attacker. A cop who was assigned at the mall was also seen in the video wounded in the altercation.

Many netizens believed that the mall’s security team did not do a good job in controlling the situation.

Hindi magaling yung mga guard at pulis. Sobrang dami nila diyan pero hirap na hirap iposas yang lalake,” a netizen complained.

(The guards and policemen were not up to the task. There were a lot of them at the scene but they still had a hard time restraining the man.)

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Several social media users also complained about the mall-goers who were taking video of the incident instead of clearing out the scene for the guards and policemen.

“Nakakasikip lang ung mga usiserong imbis na tumulong o magbigay ng space eh puro pagvivideo ang itanupag,” an online user said.

(The curious mall-goers just took up space and took videos of the incident instead of helping out.)

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