8 photos why women would wish they're Sarah Lahbati

8 photos why women would wish they're Sarah Lahbati

- Sarah Lahbati can perfectly balance her responsibilities as an actress and her life job as a mother

- Despite having a three-year old son, she still knows how to have fun and know when it’s time to attend to her duties as a mother

- Here are 8 reasons why anyone would want to be in her shoes right now

It was such a delight for Filipinos to witness the growth of Sarah Lahbati. From an adorable teenager who tried her luck in a talent search, she has really gone so far.

Now blessed with a family of her own, she still graces the entertainment industry with poise when she rules the dance floor. She also previously mentioned how she wanted to act again.

A lot of things are really going on right now for this 23-year old actress. That’s why here are 8 photos that will make you wish that you’re Sarah Lahbati.

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1. She has someone who’s ready to be crazy with her

Sarah Lahbati’s long-time partner Richard Gutierrez shared the same craziness with her. Together with their son Zion, the pair even took a quick trip in an interactive museum. This only goes to show that aside from being lovers, they’re each other’s best friends.

2. Her recent birthday treat is extraordinary

Instead of a birthday bash or a trip abroad, Sarah prepared something bigger just in time for her birthday last October 9. She dropped her own single titled “Bato bato sa Langit.” Talk about a new experience.

3. She can take pictures beside a real-life whale

Most of our interaction with a wild animal is limited to clips from television. But due to her courage and Richard’s amazing photography skills, she had the chance to swim beside a humpback whale and even took a photo with it.

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4. Her no make-up selfies are flawless

Have you ever slayed this much without makeup? Maybe not as much as Sarah. Women use numerous products to get filled eyebrows but she just doesn’t need those. We love seeing her dolled up but there’s something refreshing about this picture.

5. Her mom bod is to die for

It’s easy to forget that Sarah is already a mom when she posts pictures like this. This is all due to her dedication in eating healthy and visiting the gym to maintain a sizzling figure. It’s not easy to flaunt a bikini like this one but she just effortlessly did.

6. She can still party if she wants to

Since Zion is already 3 three years old, Sarah can now steal some nights to have fun with her partner and friends. During her free time, she doesn’t have any problem having a drink or two. She has proven overtime that she knows how to balance having fun and taking care of Zion.

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7. She ages gracefully each year

Gone is the chubby and adorable former “Starstruck” winner of GMA-7. What we have now is the sensual and confident Sarah who’s old enough to rock any looks given to her.

8. She’s blessed with an adorable and witty son

Although Sarah likes sharing a lot about her personal endeavors, her favorite topic out of all is Zion. She fondly expresses her love for her son whom she loves more than anything else.

Sarah Lahbati is an exceptional mom and the same can be said for this extraordinary smallest mother in the world.

Sarah Lahbati was scheduled to star with Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga in a teleserye but the show had to be placed in the backburner for a while because of Gonzaga’s pregnancy.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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