7 highly attractive looks of Arci Muñoz that caught our attention

7 highly attractive looks of Arci Muñoz that caught our attention

- Arci Muñoz has no problems delivering either a dramatic or comedic role

- She has showed us her numerous sides for countless times already

- However, here are photos to prove that she has different faces on her regular lifestyle as well

How many times has the amazing Arci Muñoz proved to us that her versatility does not only apply to her job as an actress, but to her lifestyle as well?

While she could easily portray a dramatic character just as how she can make us laugh hysterically through another, this woman also slays the chic and elegant ensemble and swiftly switch to rocking a tough punk look after.

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With many looks to choose from, we came up with 7 of our best bets. Feast your eyes on the various sides of Arci!

1. We dare you to say that your heart did not skip a beat upon seeing Arci all dolled up in a wedding gown. Any man would quickly take her for a bride with this dainty make-up and gorgeous white gown!

2. Arci does not only appear beautiful on the TV and big screens, but the actress also knows how to style herself during her days off. No one could manage to pull off this coordination other than her – who says flip flops are outdated anyway?

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3. Sophisticated is a good word to describe Arci, but we think ‘rocker’ is a better term for her! The Kapamilya artist showed us another side of her with this edgy outfit and bold lips.

4. From red lips to black – anything looks good on her! Her statement lipstick screams how she is fierce and far from any damsel in distress donning an extravagant long dress.

5. We think we’re speaking on behalf of everyone if we say that we no longer have any idea which color suits her best. White has this regal feeling around her, but red is simply a show-stopper. You can probably even dress her up in a huge gawky pumpkin costume and she’d still look like she just walked down the runway!

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6. Leather on leather on leather! Not only action stars have the privilege to wear leather pieces, you know – and Arci obviously does not mind showing how she looks better with those in this photo.

7. Ah, but of course. How can we not include a bikini photo of this sexy actress – it would be a waste not to appreciate her natural beauty after seeing her glammed up looks!

After seeing that, we had the feeling you’d be inspire on working your butts off to achieve that long time coming summer body of yours. But here’s another reason to believe that life is highly unfair – this little girl is never hungry!

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Arci Muñoz currently plays the lead role on “Magpahanggang Wakas” alongside Jericho Rosales and John Estrada.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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