Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This

Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This "Creepiest Killer Clown Encounter" (Video)

-A video was uploaded to Youtube that puts a twist on the 'killer clown' hysteria

-The video reveals two clowns frightened by a normal person

-The video raises questions over the entire hysteria surrounding the 'killer clown' craze

A video has been uploaded onto Youtube which has turned the entire ‘killer clown’ concept on its head. The video is filmed from inside of a car as it pulls up to a house. The headlights illuminate a very ordinary looking man standing in the driveway. The two occupants of the car start to freak out. As the camera pans inside the car it reveals that the occupants are in fact ‘killer clowns’ who are freaking out over the very normal person.

The camera pans back to the drive and the man is no longer standing there, the two clowns completely lose their composure commenting on how creepy it was that he just disappeared. The two are violently startled when there is a knock on the window as the man suddenly reappears. The driver of the car frantically put the car in reverse.

The video appears to be a commentary on the ‘killer clown’ phenomenon. More clowns have been injured than people injured by clowns and perhaps the real monsters don’t wear masks.

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