TV Star Exposes Breasts LIVE ON AIR (Video)

TV Star Exposes Breasts LIVE ON AIR (Video)

-Reality star left breast is exposed on live television

-The presenter 'accidentally' pulls her top down

-Video received 2.3 million views

A reality star famous for the largest breast in Spain had her boobs exposed when the host of the television show she was on ’accidentally’ pulled his dress down. She was enraged and embarrassed on live TV in front of an audience.

Yola Berrocal’s entire left breast was exposed in the incident and she attempted to block the image on a large screen by standing in front of it, the damage had already been done. The producers continued to replay the scene over and over again.

TV Star Exposes Breasts LIVE ON AIR (Video)

After realising that she could do little, Yola stormed off the set. The incident actually happened in 2014 but was only recently uploaded and gained 2.3 million views. Many of the comments blamed the host for the incident as it seems as if he quite deliberately pulls her dress down. One of the comments read: ‘Personally I respect and support her because she tried to keep her honour. It definitely looks like he did it on purpose…’


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