Rapper Set Unbelievable New Record, WATCH How It Looks

Rapper Set Unbelievable New Record, WATCH How It Looks

-Rapper, Murs, set Guinness Word Record for longest rap marathon

-Murs rapped non-stop for an astonishing 26-hours

-First rap marathon record ever set

West Coast rapper successfully attempted a new Guinness Word Record by performing the longest rap marathon. Murs rapped non-stop for an astonishing 26 hours. The rappers drew on rap songs from the mid 1980’s and 1990’s, rapping almost every classic in the book. Murs exhibited an impressive blend of endurance and style.

During the record breaking marathon, Murs used legendary rapper idiosyncrasies while he rapped such as Public Enemy’s Fight For Power. He didn’t only perform covers and his fans would have recognised a few of his own gems in the mix.

Murs had been in training for this attempt for a while, increasing his mental and physical endurance through a number of six-hour training sessions to enable him to perform the 400 tracks over the 24-hours period.

The entire event was live-streamed on Twitch, a popular live-streaming platform, with an approximate 361,000 viewers. Murs performed 18-20 tracks per hour which is a feat in itself. Murs had not broken a previous record since no one had attempted to set a record for the longest continuous rap session, but now the bar has been set and if any rapper wishes to challenge the record it would be an exhausting slog.

Murs had come up with the idea to promote a music streaming programme called Boost Mobile. He is no stranger to Twitch and live-streaming and has played video games on the streaming platform for over 24-hours before.

Murs’ most recent album, ‘Have a Nice Life’ was released in 2015. He has definitely made himself known around the world as a serious rapper.

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