5 Photos of Sandara Park that shows how she hasn’t changed at all

5 Photos of Sandara Park that shows how she hasn’t changed at all

Sandara Park is one of Philippine’s most prized treasure. She started off as an awkward teenage girl who wanted to become a star and auditioned for Star Circle Quest back in early 2000’s.

She was known as the Krung-krung girl for her eccentricities but she was widely loved by people. Park also had three music hits, acted in Philippine TV shows and films, and was also part of various variety shows.

After three years, her fame has wained so she went to South Korea. With Korean blood in her veins, it was easier for her to adapt. Since then, she became part of the globally successful Korean girl group 2NE1. Despite being the eldest in the group, she showed that she could succeed even more.

Koreans also loved Sandara as she was given an acting break in TV shows, films, and commercials. Her style has also evolved immensely and various International fashion magazines have been noticing her and popular fashion designers have been inviting her to their shows.

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After about 12 years, Sandara has reached the peak of her career. Despite that, she’s still the same Krung Krung we all loved, and here are some photos to prove why that i

1. Stayed humble

Even though she has reached global success, Sandara isn’t someone who brags about it. In fact, she hasn’t forgotten her Filipino roots and the people who helped her to be wherever she is now. ABS-CBN has a new show looking for a new boy band and she accepted to become a judge without hesitations.

2. Life of the party

Whenever you’re around her, you will surely have fun. Just like her Filipino friends who have stayed close with her even after all the years that she was in South Korea.

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3. Filipino humor

Filipinos love to laugh and make jokes, sometimes even corny ones. Dara may be a Korean pop star now but her Filipino blood still remains in her veins. That means that her Filipino jokes are still with her.

4. Jollibee forever

One thing that she truly misses whenever she’s in Korea is, of course, Jollibee! No one will ever replace Jollibee in her heart.

5. Forever Krung-krung

This photo perfectly sums up Dara. She’ll always be our dear Sandara Park: the famous singer of “In or Out” and the funny half-Korean teenage actress that won our hearts.

and the Dara version?

Lucky is also right, why doesn’t she age?

Watch here how Sandara Park had been like years ago, before she was propelled to international popularity by her girl group, 2NE1.

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