Girl 'Fat Shaming' In McDonald's Gets What's Coming To Her (Video)

Girl 'Fat Shaming' In McDonald's Gets What's Coming To Her (Video)

-Fat Shaming social experiment in McDonalds with two women challenging a customer

- Customers confront the two women

- Society shows that it does not tolerate fat shaming

A social experiment was carried out in a McDonald’s restaurant in which two women being to fat shame a customer waiting in line alongside them. The women are deciding what to order, talking quite loudly and deciding which salad to order.

They turn their attention to the larger gentleman and start telling him to leave and stop eating and ‘do himself a favour’. This immediately resulted in another customer coming to the man’s aid and asking the woman what her problem was.

She argued that fat people are a burden to society, specifically the economy. This soon brought other people into the fray, another customer come vocally to the aid of the victim and lost his temper and poured his drink over her head in an act of social justice.

This experiment, while not very scientific, shows that society does not tolerate ‘fat shaming’.

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