These stats on physical intimacy are fun!

These stats on physical intimacy are fun!

Sex is a topic of primary interest both for men and women. The statistics on this subject is fun and fascinating. Learn the most shocking and interesting ones.

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Sex facts and stats:

1. Singles vs. couples

There is a commonly believed myth: married people have no hot sex. However, the stats prove just het opposite. Singles have less sex than the married people! The myth claims that singles have it all: the time, the opportunities and the freedom, and yet… they do not get luck as often as the married people do!

2. Younger people have sex more rarely than those who are 35+!

Youth is hot and it is supposed that younger people go after sex all the time and have more of it then the older people. But that’s just another myth. They don’t! While 70 percent of people in their 20s have sex at least once a week, those in 30s and even in 40s have sex several times a week!

3. Losing virginity

What is the perfect age for it? Well, the majority of the young people in their 20s have lost theirs being 18! So, the sooner the better is not right!

4. Condoms


They make sex safer, but… those who use them have sex more rarely than those, who do not.

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5. Single sex partner for life

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Over 25 percent of all the young married couples had sex only with their wife or husband. They did not have any sex outside the marriage.

6. Adult films

1 quarter of all young people watch it alone or with their partner.

7. Positions

Missionary remains the favorite position for ladies.

8. Perfect partner in bed?

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Well, for men the number one quality in the best woman is her attractiveness, while for the girls it’s the confidence.

9. Vibrators

To use or not to use? Well, almost 70 percent of young couples use them during the sex!

10. Self-gratification

88 percent of young people confessed to it. And more than half of the young men do it a few times a week (30 percent get at it daily!). Only 30 percent of ladies do it a few times a week.

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11. The type of intercourse

Vaginal one remains to be the most popular kind!

12. The sexiest body part

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Men name nipples, while the ladies fancy butts.

13. The place

The most popular one is the living room and the young couples love the cars too.

14. Sex gift

Up to 80 percent expect the birthday sex as a gift from their partners.

15. Using lube

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Almost half of all the young people are not shy to use lube during the sex to make it better.

As you see, these sex stats are fun. Do they fall in line with your experience?


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