6 times Toni Gonzaga inspired you through her photos

6 times Toni Gonzaga inspired you through her photos

- Toni Gonzaga has easily made herself worthy of being a role figure for the younger generation

- Her good work ethics and awareness of her priorities has set higher standards for ladies of all ages

- We give you 6 photos to remind you what those are

It is safe to say that Toni Gonzaga is the perfect image of a daughter, sister, friend, and partner.

Do you still have to ask why? Nearly every Filipino is aware how she put her family first before anything else when she was still unmarried – living under the watchful eyes of her parents despite already being a successful personality in the entertainment scene.

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However, unlike what most would usually do under those circumstances, Toni remained to be understanding and respectful of her parents and did the best she could to fill her other roles.

Now, Toni holds the throne as one of the most inspiring women in show business. Here are 6 photos to remind you how she moved you to grow up as one too.

1. Although most of the labor force find themselves struggling getting up in the morning to head on to their 8 to 5 work filled with officemates they don’t get along with well, Toni is surrounded with friends who turned into family for colleagues. We dare you to say that this does not motivate you to find a job that wouldn’t feel like one!

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2. It’s guaranteed that when you work your butt off just like how Toni did at the peak of her career, you’re bound to be a recipient of various and numerous awards. Not only did she prove that her forte is not limited to solely hosting, but she slayed her way through with recognition to boot.

3. This goes without saying that one of the reasons why Toni was intensely focused on her work was because of her family – not due to extreme motives, but simply out of love. The amount of time she has placed for her loved ones amid her busy schedule is enough to relay that family always comes first.

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4. When Paul Soriano proposed to her, they shared how their relationship was not among the top priorities Toni had in her life before. But once they tied the knot, it feels like Toni has found her prince charming who brought more colors into her life.

5. Freedom soon came afterwards for the couple – they were finally able to tick off several things from their bucket list after waiting for a long time. If you’ve been following the pair for quite a while, you’ll come to realize that they’re both in a possibly years-long vacation mode!

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6. Who says fairytales aren’t true? Toni is an example that good girls achieve their happily ever afters.

But just a little tip to the two; if they find it difficult to put their adorable little boy into sleep, why not try this?

Toni Gonzaga recently gave birth to their firstborn and named him Severiano Elliot.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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