9 essential tips to a healthy sex life for the modern Filipino

9 essential tips to a healthy sex life for the modern Filipino

- It is important to know how to have a healthy sex life

- Why? Well the happier your sex life, the better your relationship becomes

For many in a relationship, the sex usually becomes repetitive and boring. You used to be very excited about it and now its just "Meh."

This is quite dangerous! For partners who are becoming bored at home, it is more likely that your partner could start looking for other avenues to find that excitement. NO! You should be the excitement!

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So if you are looking to make sex sexier and reignite that fire, here some helpful tips you need to know.

1. Love yourself naked

9 essential tips to a healthy sex life for the modern Filipino

One thing Justin Bieber got right is that "You should love yourself." But you may ask, "What if I look fat? What if boobs are too small?" Studies show that the majority of men and women bring their insecurities about their bodies to the bedroom, therefore affecting the sex.

According to Joy Davidson, PhD, a sex therapist in New York City and the author of Fearless Sex, people who feel good about their bodies have the best sex lives.

So if you want to have a better sex life, here are a couple of tips. Firstly, look at the mirror every morning and convince yourself that there is no one ideal body type. Every single person are unique. Tell your partner to tell you what they like best about your body. Write it down and read it to yourself everyday. Positivity is the key here.

2. Prepare your mind

According to Laura Berman, PhD, director of the Berman Center in Chicago and author of The Passion Prescription, a person's negative self-image affects their connection to their body. This means less sensation.

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To resolve this, one must reconnect the bond with the body. Treat your body well by going to a massage parlor, by wearing clothes that make you feel sexy, or by telling yourself that you have a great body! Doing this will make your body feel more sensation.

3. Take a break from sex

Now you might be asking, "This article is supposed to show me how to have a better sex life, but its telling me to take a break?" Well, the thing is, once something becomes regular, it no longer becomes special. Therefore, regular sex can become dull and unexciting.

By swearing off sex for a while (maybe a week or more), you will start wanting it. But during this time, tease your partner, tell your partner to tease you. After a while, you will not be able to stand it. And once you do have sex, you will feel everything. It will become very sensational

4. Do a rigorous activity

9 essential tips to a healthy sex life for the modern Filipino

Dr. Davidson said, "If you don't put energy into your relationship, you won't get energy out of it." In other words, if you are not exercising your body, it becomes less sensual.

Research shows that adventurous activity increases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in sexual desire. By doing more adventurous activities like hiking, rock climbing, or travelling, the body produces more dopamine and therefore your sexual desire goes up. Soon, you may be able to replicate what you felt in the beginning of your relationship.

5. Tell your partner how to turn you on

If you are having dull sex, maybe there is something wrong with the foreplay. Foreplay is important because it prepares both of you for sex. So if you are not turned on, then you are not going to enjoy sex that much.

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Only you know your bodies. So if there is certain things you want your partner to do to your body, or certain parts that you want your partner to touch, then guide your partner. Tell them what excites you. Don't worry, they will understand. By communicating, you can double the pleasure in your sex life.

6. Release Stress!

When you are stressed, your body produces a hormone called oxytocin, which cancels out the effects of your sex hormones. Therefore, you don't feel like doing sexy time at all.

So if you are stressed all the time, it could affect your sex life. Firstly, try to destress. Watch a movie, eat out, or get some icecream. Treat yourself to something nice. Go shopping. Play some video games. Your body will soon become ready for sex.

7. Initiate sex

A recent study from the University of Virginia showed that couples who are disconnected have an unhappier sex life. Once the relationship becomes dull, the sex becomes dull. So, in order to fix this, you have to try to respark the fire. Initiate it! Maybe your partner is just having a bad week. Nothing is hotter than your partner being hot for you. Its an instant turn on.

Another tip is that you don't really have to initiate sex, but engage with each other. By initiating activities that could rekindle your emotional bond, you can become closer. As you feel closer, you are more likely to have happier sex.

8. Take your time!!!

9 essential tips to a healthy sex life for the modern Filipino

This is important. The longer the relationship, the more complacent you become. You tend to jump straight in to the sex. Remember the old days when you used to makeout for an hour before sex? Or doing foreplay? Or touching each other?

Well, its time to bring those back. Stop jumping straight to business and instead focus on your partner. Take time to caress each other, kiss each other, and touch each other. Take your time. This is not a race to an orgasm, what is important is the journey.

9. Insert playfulness and new positions

Perhaps your sex is dull because it has become a routine. To make things more exciting, try becoming playful. Add some toys and costumes. Search for a sex book online and try new positions. Try having sex in new locations like on the piano or something. By adding a bit of spice, your sex life becomes so much exciting.

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