6 hacks on how to look like Julia Barretto in photos

6 hacks on how to look like Julia Barretto in photos

- It’s not a secret that Julia Barretto takes a lot of the most gorgeous photos in the industry

- Whether it’s an official photo shoot or not, she always slays in front of the camera

- Here are some tips on how to achieve that perfect shot just like her

Don’t you find it incredible how Julia Barretto looks stunning on every picture of hers? It doesn’t even matter if it’s candid or not, the results are just the same – effortlessly flawless.

Meanwhile, here we are struggling on even searching for the perfect lighting to accommodate our selfies.

So why not take some advices from Julia herself? We came up with 6 ways on how to take a photo based from her Instagram profile that’s bound to get you plenty of likes (and might even have your crush message you afterwards).

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1. Learn your angle

Find out if you look better either on your right or left side, or if you rock it better looking straight ahead to the camera. Having that go-to angle is a must if you always want to be at your best in photos!

2. Do something with your hands

To avoid appearing stiff on your photos, try to incorporate some movement – and the best way to do that is by moving your hands! Okay, maybe not literally moving but rather making it look like you’re in the middle of raising your hand or touching your hair when the photograph was snapped.

3. Look ‘away’

Alas, the ‘kunwari stolen’ shot. Although you might make fun of it at times, this type of photo is actually a breath of fresh air compared to close up selfies! It’s easy: stare at a distance, laugh like a person far away just made a hilarious joke (or you can pierce your eyes on something for a fiercer look), make it as natural as possible, and you’re done!

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4. Flaunt your assets

Work what you have, girl! Since Julia’s blessed with deep dimples and well-structured nose – but really, which part of her is not blessed anyway, she opts to frequently pose sideways. How about you?

5. Let your hair fly

Who says messy hair ain’t in? Those disheveled mane might just complete your ideal shot with the help of a wind and a bit of patience. Don’t think they’re getting in your way, make it your best accessory.

6. Explore different poses

Don’t be stuck in the same poses over and over again! As much as possible, put an effort to be inventive and not be repetitive. Extend or fold your legs, stand up or sit down, make that back straight or slouch – there’s a variety of poses out there, don’t limit yourself to just a few!

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However, if you don’t think you’re ready to take it behind the lenses yet, why don’t you practice in front of the mirror first? These babies don’t have a problem with that.

Julia Barretto has an astounding amount of followers on her social media account – currently nearing its 3M mark with only over a thousand posts.

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