9 inspiring messages from Pope Francis to Filipinos

9 inspiring messages from Pope Francis to Filipinos

Share this compilation of Pope Francis' memorable quotes to live by to spread good vibes and to be reminded how blessed the Philippines is.


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1. Pope Francis has recognized Filipinos' love for God.

"Filipinos everywhere are known for their love of God, their fervent piety and their warm devotion to Our Lady and her rosary."

2. Pope Francis has acknowledged the vital role of the Philippines in propagating good values to neighboring countries.

"I cannot fail to mention the Philippines' important role in fostering understanding and cooperation among the countries of Asia."

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3. Pope Francis has commended Filipinos' role in every community where they are part of.

"I would also mention the oft-neglected yet real contribution of Filipinos of the diaspora to the life and welfare of the societies in which they live."

4. Pope Francis has praised the survivors of the Yolanda typhoon.

"I have admired the heroic strength, faith and resilience demonstrated by so many Filipinos in the face of this natural disaster, and so many others."

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5. Pope Francis has addressed how the country overcome hurdles.

"The Philippines, together with many other countries in Asia, faces the challenge of building on solid foundations a modern society – a society respectful of authentic human values, protective of our God-given human dignity and rights, and ready to confront new and complex political and ethical questions."

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6. Pope Francis has mentioned what is essential to every Filipino family.

"The Philippines needs holy and loving families to protect the beauty and truth of the family in God's plan and to be a support and example for other families. Every threat to the family is a threat to society itself. The future of humanity, as Saint John Paul II often said, passes through the family."

7. Pope Francis has unravelled what the real calling of the Church in the Philippines is.

"The Church in the Philippines is called to acknowledge and combat the causes of the deeply rooted inequality and injustice which mar the face of Filipino society, plainly contradicting the teaching of Christ."

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8. Pope Francis always has something uplifting to say.

"It is my hope that this important anniversary will point to its continuing fruitfulness and its potential to inspire a society worthy of the goodness, dignity and aspirations of the Filipino people."

9. Pope Francis has always been praying for the Philippines.

"May the Santo Niño continue to bless the Philippines and may he sustain the Christians of this great nation in their vocation to be witnesses and missionaries of the joy of the Gospel, in Asia and in the whole world."

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