8 photos why you should check Anne Curtis' Instagram account

8 photos why you should check Anne Curtis' Instagram account

- Anne Curtis is the Philippine’s entertainment sweetheart who has proved her skills in hosting, performing, and acting over time

- She chose her Instagram account as a way to share her life beyond and in front of the cameras

- Even with just 8 photos, we can already show you how much you’re missing on if you haven’t checked her profile yet

Aside from mall shows and fan meetings, celebrities now have a convenient way to interact with their fans.

Anne Curtis is one of the actresses who is well known for using Instagram as a platform in order to reach her followers. What even makes her stand out is her openness to her hobbies, travels, and just life in general on social media.

She also uses this an avenue to promote her advocacies and to provide tips to those in need.

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Here are 8 guaranteed photos that will make you follow her Instagram account.

1. When she showed a different side to a country

Anne Curtis, like every other tourists, professed her love for the food and tradition in Japan. Although this time around, instead of the busy streets of Tokyo, she generously shared this breathtaking view of Lake Aoki.

2. She’s the perfect travel buddy

From the food to sceneries, Anne has mastered which photos would best describe the experience. Her Instagram posts just have the ability to make you feel as if you’re travelling with her. We haven’t been to Italy but thank you for sharing this with us, Anne!

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3. Expect her to also make you feel giddy

Amidst the busy setting, Anne still takes a lot of quality pictures with her boyfriend Erwan Heussaff. They make it a point to pause for a while and appreciate everything with their loved one. Look how they blend well with the other lovers in Italy.

4. You can’t help but to say “Awww” every time she talks about her sister

Anne and her younger sister Jasmine didn’t deny that their age gap became a problem for them at first. That’s why now that they’ve gotten closer, they have nothing but sweet words to each other.

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5. Prepare yourself for the cuteness of her furry friends

It was a known fact that Anne really loves having numerous pets around the house. But the stars of her Instagram account are usually her two dogs, and her cat named Mogwai. In fact, they can even pose really well in front of the cameras just like their owner.

6. She can be the newest DJ

Do you have an outdated playlist? Worry no more! Anne makes it a habit to share the songs she likes. The genre usually varies but why not try if you share the same taste in music?

7. She inspire you to be a better Filipino

Anne makes it a point to educate her followers that life doesn’t end in #feedgoals on Instagram. She advises everyone to take an initiative to share our blessings and influence others to do the same.

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8. You can rely on her to put a smile on your face

Her infectious laugh and simplicity are what makes her one of the most likeable celebrities. You may not be living the same life as hers but she can inspire you to smile your worries away.

Just like the reality star Kim Kardashian, Anne also has her own game application. Dubbed as the first celebrity mobile game in the Philippines, #AnneGaling lets you live a life just like Anne’s.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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