7 mesmerizing photos of Coleen Garcia

7 mesmerizing photos of Coleen Garcia

- Coleen Garcia continues to be the rising actress everyone shouldn’t take away their eyes from

- She proved overtime that she can balance her acting career while making sure she’s healthy and fit

- Here are 7 photos of the gorgeous Coleen Garcia that will make you drop whatever you’re doing

It’s impossible for anyone not to know that ABS-CBN succeeded on investing in Coleen Garcia.

Although she had to leave the noontime show “It’s Showtime,” all her sacrifices to focus more on her acting career paid off. She’s now one of the most bankable actresses who can play any role out there.

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When she’s not on set, she continues to inspire women of all ages to drag themselves to the nearest gym. In addition, she remains to have some quality time to spend with her boyfriend, Billy Crawford plus her friends.

Here are just 7 of her plenty of photos that will make you drop whatever you’re doing right now.

1. This close up photo of her abs

There was no doubt that Coleen is one of the fittest celebrities out there. She has no qualms in trying different kinds of exercises including running and even Pilates! Thank you Coleen, we can now just look at this picture to motivate ourselves to get a healthier bod.

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2. That time she transformed into a very handsome man

This transformation has been a trend in high fashion magazines but she still found a way to stand out. Coleen’s already a gorgeous woman but we never really expected her to be this handsome. Some even compared her to the actor Ian Veneracion!

3. Blondes do have more fun!

When she posted this selfie out of nowhere, everyone lost their mind. Who could’ve known that she could also pull off this platinum blonde hair? She’s just one of those people who can do every crazy color out there and still look great.

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4. Black matte has never looked this good

Every girl should know how hard it is to perfect this look. You need to have the right coordination and attitude to go with this ensemble. With her skin as white as snow and those expressive eyes, Coleen totally rocked this coordination.

5. When she made Boracay hotter than it already is

Amidst her non-stop work, Coleen took the time to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the island with her boyfriend, Billy Crawford. This was also a proof that all the time spent at the gym did pay off.

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6. Do you ever wonder if she’s still human?

We have to thank this photoshoot which proved that Coleen Garcia is a living human doll. With all her lacy dress and classic hairdo, it’s as if she just came out from the box. This is a different look from her usual glam style but we don’t mind seeing it once more.

7. Bow down to Queen Coleen

We will totally understand if you want to look at this more than 50 times. We won’t even judge you if you save this as your wallpaper. Thank you for existing, Coleen Garcia.

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Coleen recently earned praises for playing the role of a mentally challenged teenager in the drama anthology, “Maalaala Mo Kaya.” This goes to show her acting career has nowhere to go but up.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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