8 instances Pia Wurtzbach proved that she is a style chameleon

8 instances Pia Wurtzbach proved that she is a style chameleon

Her reign might be ending in three months, but we will never forget how she ruled our hearts. Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is one of the most notable beauty queens in this planet, as she has proved that she can be just like your girl friend despite her status.

She is a far cry from previous queens who are intimidating and pretentious, as fans can attest that she is accommodating and down-to-earth. However, she has proved that she can rock just about anything - whether in real life or for a fashion spread.

Here are 8 instances Pia inspired us to get out of our comfort zone and don clothes we haven't thought of wearing or lacked the confidence to wear outside of our houses.

1. Dominatrix-inspired.

Although this might be for a shoot, Pia looked completely different (yet completely cool) from her beauty queen self as she rocked a black cropped wig, a bold red lip, and lots of black and leather.

This might not be suitable for everyday, but elements of her outfits can be worn the next time we're going out with girl friends. Those stripper boots though? Only good for fashion editorials!

2. Bohemian-inspired.

It must be the bangs - but it totally matched her hippie-inspired outfits. The matching dress and headscarf is a sure nod to the 70s while her trendy white top and beige pants looked like a modern interpretation of the iconic era.

We can't help but be reminded of Esmeralda (of Disney's 'Hunchback of Notre Dame') with her looks.

Although they may have differences, the two have the same chill girl kind of vibe.


They do not really resemble each other, but they give off the same vibe. Do you get what I mean?

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3. Power dressing.

Although she might have a different interpretation of the look, it all boils down to one clothing item - the black blazer. Pia demonstrates how to werq that lewk with the fashion staple, whether pairing it with pants or shorts.

4. Girl-next-door in jeans.

Pia can also look like your average girl, but her beauty elevates her otherwise. Whether she's in a classic combination of a button-down shirt (tied at the waist for that sexy effect) and jeans or in a mishmash of trendy items (such as a sleeveless vest and boyfriend jeans), she looks so effortlessly stylish that it hurts.

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5. Ultimate girly-girl.

She does not always wear a gown when she's attending events all over the world, sometimes she wears a long dress. There's a difference between the two - a long dress leaves a simple yet striking statement while gowns impress people with their elaborate details.

In these two photos, Pia rocked these floor-length dresses that hark back to the olden days where it is proper to wear such dresses. Whether these frocks are printed or not, she exudes a sweet vibe we all want to emulate.

6. Asia, represent!

Pia rocks Asian-inspired outfits just like she does any outfit - with aplomb. Whether it's worn traditionally or a with a modern twist, she makes us her Asian sisters proud by wearing it like she owns it, not the other way around.

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7. #1 in our Swimwear Category!

With that body of hers, she can give a 'Sports Illustrated' model a run for her money. She wears her bikinis better than a Victoria's Secret model as she has the goods to fill them in nicely.

Boys are surely drooling on these pictures of hers!

8. Hot couture.

Not only does Pia ace our swimwear category but the long gown competition as well. She wears these silken confections fit for a ball whenever she attends a major event. Who wouldn't want to see her in pieces of art when she herself is also a fine specimen?

Here are two of our favorites on her, which feature intricate details or silhouettes that truly flatter her figure.

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