7 posts by Luis Manzano that will leave you laughing

7 posts by Luis Manzano that will leave you laughing

- Actor and host Luis Manzano doesn’t limit his witty remarks on TV, he also took the time to share it on social media

- His Instagram page is filled with humorous pictures and videos which will leave you on the floor

- Here are just 7 of his posts that will fully demonstrate how funny he is

If you need a host to turn any situation into a comedic one then Luis Manzano is the right guy for you.

This talented son of Governor Vilma Santos and actor Edu Manzano turned out quite different than what people expected him to be. Instead of a regal celebrity son, he’s a person who always cracks a joke that leaves everyone in a good mood.

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When you take the time to visit his Instagram account, you would even notice how he doesn’t like posting much about himself. Instead, he’d rather share some funny photos or clips to put a smile on his followers’ faces.

Here are 7 times Luis Manzano left us on the floor laughing because of his humorous posts.

1. That time he teased Sandara Park

Everyone knows the Korean superstar as someone who looks like she’s not getting older anytime soon. You even heard people call her a “vampire.” But leave it to Luis to tease Dara that if she continues looking younger, he might be meeting with a fetus soon. Oh, Luis.

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2. When he and his dad set the standard for a father-son get-up

Everyone loves sharing a good joke or two with their father but Luis and Edu are on a different level. Their shared passion to entertain people left everyone amazed and laughing at these rocker costumes. Hats off to their Mohawk and long mane!

3. His unending banter with Alex Gonzaga

These two continuously amused everyone with their numerous ways to annoy one another. From TV to social media, they’re merciless in calling each other names. But don’t worry, this only proved how they’re extremely good friends in real life.

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4. Can anyone really beat his #BeCarefulWhoYouBullyChallenge?

This tag on social media started appreciating the transformation of bullied people throughout the years. Inspirational stories usually came up with this hashtag. However, Luis had another idea in mind.

5. When he became the very best that no one ever was

Even celebrities were not immune to the Pokémon Go hype. Although instead of being a player, Luis took the time to name a rare Pokémon after himself. He even called it “PogiKon.” We hope you can catch him someday!

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6. That time he wasn’t afraid to joke about President Rodrigo Duterte

Amidst the controversial issues in politics, Luis still found a way to lighten up the situation. He didn’t even need any makeup transformation to imitate the president’s signature move. He also changed Duterte’s famous line “My God, I hate drugs” to #myGodiamgwapo.

7. Move over, Tom Hiddleston! “Loki” Manzano is here

Only Luis Manzano could’ve thought of this pun between his name and the character of “Loki” from “Thor” played by Tom Hiddleston. He also posted this just in time for the controversial breakup between Taylor Swift and the international actor. We’re not just sure if Taylor Swift appreciated the joke.

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The Kapamilya host is currently visible in three ABS-CBN shows namely “ASAP,” “Minute To Win It,” and “Family Feud.” This only goes to show how effective he is as a host.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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