6 times Angelica Panganiban left us breathless

6 times Angelica Panganiban left us breathless

- Taking her years in showbiz, Angelica Panganiban has undoubtly left a mark on the audience

- Aside from her fierce personality, the actress is known for various reasons

- Here are the events when she deserved more recognition for simply being herself

Nobody expects that a former child star could stay in the limelight as she grows older, but Angelica Panganiban just proved that she is no ordinary artist.

The young actress remains to be successful – either by making her viewers cry and sympathize with her or leaving them with a tummy ache because of too much laughter, Angelica knows how to get things done.

With that said, we guarantee that there are several occasions when this gorgeous lady deserves an award – basically for just being herself.

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1. When she looks beautiful bare-faced

There’s nothing more unbelievable than a woman who looks just as good when she’s all glammed up to when she barely has anything on her face. Angelica displayed her youthful glow – and she looks like she does not age at all!

2. When she rocks every outfit she wears

Yes, pambahay included. Her timeless beauty probably plays a huge part in this since she could even wear an ensemble that resembles that of a teenager and get away with it. Actually, she could wrap herself with newspaper or plastic garbage bag and still be called ‘fashionable.’

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3. When any hairdo suits her

How could there be someone who simply slays any kind of hairstyle you put on her head? With Angelica, it doesn’t matter if she dons full bangs or chops a huge length of her hair – she could carry all of those. We won’t be shocked anymore if she would remain as stunning as she is with no hair.

4. When her impersonation of Kris Aquino is spot-on

She’s probably born for this! Angelica or Krissy’s hilarious take on the iconic personality has already victimized plenty of viewers on clutching their stomachs during the show. Her exaggeration and punch lines are just too much to handle – partner it with Jason Gainza’s impersonation of Boy Abunda or Darla and you’re done for.

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5. When she’s not afraid to make a fool out of herself

What everyone needs is a good laugh, even though you sometimes embarrass yourself in the process – and Angelica knows this. She doesn’t mind being silly as long as it’s a sure way on brightening up someone’s day or it would lift up the mood. By this point we should already know that she’s a natural comedienne!

6. When she silenced body shamers

It’s not new in the entertainment industry that some people would call you out for your weight, but Angelica paid them no heed and took things at her own pace – and look at her now, effortlessly winning in life with a swimsuit on. Besides, with a face like hers, who would be too concerned of gaining a few pounds?

Angelica Panganiban started in show business at a ripe age of 6 and continues to be in the scene. She is currently a mainstay on “Banana Sundae” since 2008.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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