8 times Vice Ganda was too good for the internet

8 times Vice Ganda was too good for the internet

- Vice Ganda proved overtime how he’s the one of the Philippines’ finest comedians not only on TV but even in movies

- He received a lot of criticism for some of his comedic pieces but a lot of Filipinos still find him refreshing

- Here are 8 times when Vice Ganda proved he’s also a gem on social media

There is no doubt that Vice Ganda is one of – if not – the biggest comedian in the Philippine entertainment industry up to now.

He successfully managed to charm the audience of “It’s Showtime” on weekdays, or “Gandang Gabi Vice” on Sundays. Using his wit and hilarious antics, he mastered how to make Filipinos laugh.

But even outside the screens of the television, he’s also starting his trends on social media where people can’t help but to admire him more.

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Here are 8 times when he was just really too good for us and the internet.

1. When he wasn’t afraid to battle it out with international models

This daring fashion statement was pulled off by different actresses and models around the globe. With legs for days, it’s no wonder how he also effortlessly did the same.

2. When he immortalized the ‘Pak Ganern’ challenge

There was confusion on where this internet trend started but that’s the problem with social media, you just never know. However, it wasn’t until Vice Ganda put it in style again together with Vhong Navarro, Billy Crawford, and Jhong Hilaro on “It’s Showtime.” You would be lying if you’ll say you haven’t seen one video of this challenge.

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3. That time he introduced #WaleySeries

TV hosts exchanging jokes during their show is not a new thing. But trust Vice Ganda to take a simple thing into something sensational. He started sharing his joke which he considered “waley” or wala. Some of those can be corny but with his infectious laugh, he pulled it off anyway.

4. When he took the time share this hugot line using his own meme

Leave it to the internet to make a meme out of everything but believe in Vice Ganda to take matters in his own hands. Using an official photo from his official fan page, he shared a hugot line which people appreciated.

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5. That time he wasn’t afraid to show his bare face as a sign of confidence

During his segment, Advice Ganda, he motivated a woman and their thousands of audience to accept their flaws. Vice Ganda has his funny moments as a comedian, but his advices are nothing but genuine.

6. Make way, Lady Gaga! Vice Ganda is here to slay

Vice Ganda wasn’t afraid to experiment when it comes to his fashion choices. He can go from sporty, androgynous, to feminine in a matter of days. But when he donned this look, people still can’t help but turn heads upon seeing him.

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7. He’s also a normal fan like us

James Reid and Nadine Lustre, mostly known as JaDine, made everyone swoon during their flick, “This Time.” How can anyone not fangirl or even fanboy when they have so much chemistry? It turns out even Vice Ganda wasn’t immune to them.

8. When he was the newest definition of #Hairgoals

If you checked this hashtag, you would most likely see girls dyeing off their hair to various colors – but Vice Ganda is just in a whole different level. Aside from sporting different hues, his hairdos are now the trend among guys.

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Expect Vice Ganda to produce another hilarious blockbuster film during the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2016 as he paired up with Coco Martin and Director Joyce Bernal.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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