7 facts you can't deny that make Tay Emil your own Filipino father

7 facts you can't deny that make Tay Emil your own Filipino father

Once in our lives we associate ourselves with the characters we read in books or to those we watched in TVs and films. We get the sense of belongingness, more so, we imagine ourselves to be actually one of them. There is this special connection that bridges fantasy and reality so strong that it consumes us with its majesty.

ABS-CBN's Be My Lady trends starkly because of Emil or Emilio Crisostomo, the character portrayed by actor Al Tantay. The father figure in the romantic-comedy TV series has touch the hearts of every child in us reminding us of our innate family values.

Below are some of the things we learned after watching Be My Lady because of Tay Emil that are also applicable in real life.

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1. You do not want to regret in the end. Remember, life is too short. Do the things that scare you. Being brave does not mean the absence of fear. Being brave means doing it despite the fear.

"It's hit me too! I wish I talked to my Dad before he died." - Cecile Jones, Twitter

2. Talk to your dad, or to your loved ones. If you had a fight, see to it that you fix it before it becomes too late. Time heals all wounds, yes. But do not also forget that our time is only borrowed. We will never know when our time is already due.

"Yung nag usap c Phil at si Mang Emil waaah nakakaiyak." - Loveghene, Twitter

3. You see yourself in the shoes of Tay Emil's relatives. You identify yourself with the characters and you feel for them.

"My biggest fear is to talk to a doctor about any of my family members being in a critical condition. Stay strong Nay Marcy." - Danrich McLisse, Twitter

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4. Remember the saying: "You will never know how strong you are until being strong is the only thing left." That sounds cliche but that is true. It happens several moments in our life.

"For such a time like this keep believing." - Joy Phil, Twitter

5. You will realize how powerful prayers are. If your faith is strong, God will make you even stronger. You will get reminded that He will always make a way.

"Tay Emil kayang-kaya mo yan!!We will pray for you po..Damayan natin ang familia crisostomo." - Jhen Loria

6. It reflects real life happenings. You can't help but get carried away. Then suddenly, it just hits you, hard.

"Grabe ang feels!!! Galing nilang lahat! Lalo na si Al Tantay! Sobrang true to life." - Mary Cutter

7. You see your mom in Janice De Belen's character Marcy. You can't stand watching your mom crying and worrying so much for your dad. You feel twice the pain.

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