6 things you’ve done if you're a true Toni Gonzaga fan

6 things you’ve done if you're a true Toni Gonzaga fan

- Toni Gonzaga managed to be the ultimate multimedia star while successfully balancing her personal life

- After being an actress, host, singer, and a commercial model, she’s now the mother of a baby boy

- Here are 6 things you have surely done when you’ve been her fan lately or for the longest time

Toni Gonzaga truly started her way from the bottom to the top. From being a noontime show host in her former network, she managed to be the country’s ultimate multimedia star.

When she put her mind to it, she’s unstoppable. Aside from being the main host of the reality show “Pinoy Big Brother,” she also starred in record breaking films in the history of Philippine Cinema.

It didn’t even end there as she has produced albums and released hits one after the other as well.

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If you have been a fan for the longest time, you will be nothing less than proud of the woman who was only initially known for shouting “I love you, Piolo!” in a soda commercial before.

Here are 6 things you have done as a person who’s nothing but in awe of Toni Gonzaga.

1. Teared up whenever you remember how far she has gone through

Toni Gonzaga is now considered as one of the industry’s top stars. It’s a guarantee that whatever she does will be followed by people. But when you remembered how she persevered before to make a name for herself, you tear up like a proud mom.

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2. Believed that a ‘Paul Soriano’ is out there for waiting for you

When she finally tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Paul Soriano, you felt relieved and hopeful at the same time – hoping that one day, you will also find a man as dedicated as him in pursuing you.

3. Evaluated your obedience as a child to your parents

Toni was never shy to share the strictness of her parents. She would throw in a joke from time to time but you can always see how she appreciated their concern. Seeing how everything is working out well for her, you can’t help but to think if you’ve done the same thing as a son or daughter in the family.

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4. Belted out her songs during karaoke

You love her as an actress and a host but your playlist wasn’t spared from her songs too. Toni successfully released catchy and quality OPM songs that you memorized by heart. Some of them are even your #hugot songs.

5. Wished you had an older sister like her

When her sister Cathy Gonzaga entered the entertainment scene, it has never been the same. Their constant bickering but unending support for each other was admired by everyone. Even though they like teasing each other, Cathy never felt short on being thankful for having Toni as her sister.

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6. Took her as an inspiration on how to handle priorities

You must have a hard time balancing your work, family, and romantic relationship. At some point, you even considered as a taboo to have all those things together. But since you’ve noticed how Toni has done it successfully, maybe you can too.

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Toni recently took a break as a celebrity when she gave birth to her first newborn, Severiano Elliott Gonzaga Soriano, last September 30.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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