7 times Anne Curtis made us want to switch lives with her

7 times Anne Curtis made us want to switch lives with her

- Anne Curtis arguably holds one of the most enviable lives among the local celebrities

- She has shown us countless times that there’s more to her than just being a regular actress and TV host

- Here are proofs that the artist is full of surprises

You may know Anne Curtis for her effervescent personality and quirks on “It’s Showtime,” or as an outstanding actress with the numerous roles she has portrayed. Nevertheless, Anne has left a mark on you – admit it or not.

Is it because of her incomparable beauty? Or her charming appeal? Let us help you, it’s both.

Onscreen and off camera, Anne lives a life worth writing a biography about – and that’s probably what pulled you towards her.

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1. She has multitudes of friends

Beginning with the most basic of all, Anne is surrounded and loved by many people inside and outside of the entertainment industry. She does not limit herself to a single circle of friends. And despite her busy schedule, she still makes room to catch up and bond with them. That’s work-life balance for you!

2. She takes care of her body

When you praise Anne’s youthful glow, it is best that you note the hard work that comes with it. The actress is firm and strict on her exercise and diet, but is not afraid to indulge every once in a while! Remember, the key to an enviable figure is dedication and determination.

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3. She’s willing to learn new things

The art of learning is not only confined within the four walls of a school. Anne knows that and tries to know more about the many things the huge world has to offer – either by taking special classes or exploring one city at a time.

4. She knows no boundaries

What’s the better way to appreciate nature but to dive straight into it? Instead of seeing the luscious greenery from a normal perspective, Anne opts to marvel at it from a majestic point of view. The same thing goes for the deep blue, rather than simply gazing at it, she does not mind plunging right into it.

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5. She works for a good cause

Anne knows the best way on how to use her fame, and that’s by coordinating with organizations who aim to make the world a better place. Her passion as the UNICEF’s celebrity advocate for children has brought success to various projects and events held in their name.

6. She has an incredible partner

If you’ve been following Anne on her social media accounts, you probably figured that she and her boyfriend, Erwan Heussaff, usually travel and do things together. With that in mind, we assume (since it’s blatantly obvious, too) that the duo has formed an unbreakable chemistry.

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7. She has a steady and joyful career

With projects coming and going for Anne, it’s not a secret that she remains to be one of the brightest stars no matter how long she has already stayed in show business. Not to mention, she always has a home to return to – and that’s her noontime running show’s family.

Anne’s latest project, a movie entitled “Bakit Lahat Ng Gwapo May Boyfriend?” is to be shown on theaters nationwide this month.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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