6 instances Ellen Adarna shows her hilarious side on Instagram

6 instances Ellen Adarna shows her hilarious side on Instagram

Whether you love her or hate her, Ellen Adarna is here to stay. Although she started her career in GMA, it was only when she transferred networks that her star shone. She has made a name for herself in ABS-CBN as a dramatic actress as she has consistently appeared in the network's soap operas.

Prior to her acting career, she is known for being a model foremost - mostly gracing men's magazines. She has become a sex symbol the more she delved into showbiz, but she is more than just a pretty face with tits and ass.

She is also one of the most hilarious local celebrities you'll meet on social media, as evidenced by her Instagram account. Here are 8 instances that Ellen proved that there is more than what meets the eye - prepare to find yourself smiling or laughing with her posts.

1. She is just one of us who struggles with working out.

Although she has remained as one of the sexiest women in the land, she has to maintain her body or keep it even trimmer for her upcoming or future projects. She documents her workout routine on her Instagram page, usually filming herself in extreme positions. Even if her routine looks intense, she still manages to make it fun by putting herself in hilarious poses and capping it off with a funnier caption.

2. She is just like everybody else who gets into the hype of things.

Her clips where she joins the phenomenal love team Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards in their Mitsubishi commercial are just too cute to resist! She looks like she's having a blast as she tries to get into the rhythm of their a cappella.

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3. She is just like anyone who claims that they have a unique way of babysitting.

In this clip, Ellen showed that she is a one-of-a-kind godmother as she danced with Beauty Gonzales' baby in a manner not really suitable for very young audiences. Don't take it personally if her dance looks like it is fit for the club as she is just poking fun at her crazy, wild self.

4. She is like one of those who proclaim that dancing is their 'God-given talent'.

Those are her words - not ours. In this post, Ellen dances with a friend at the beach but with hilarious results.

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5. She is just one of your friends you tag along to drinking sprees.

You know the hilarity that ensues before and after an all-nigher with alcohol, right? Ellen either is your embarrassing friend who dances even if she hadn't had a sip yet or she's the one who posts the humiliating photos of your friends who got drunk.

6. She is also just like any other Filipino who goes to a foreign country.

Aside from speaking gibberish when a foreigner tries to converse with you, Ellen can also be your cringeworthy travel buddy who chases a mascot and attempts to bring it home.

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