8 instances Maja Salvador proves her title on Instagram

8 instances Maja Salvador proves her title on Instagram

Aside from her acting chops, Maja Salvador is also well regarded for her dancing. The 'FPJ's Ang Probinsyano' star has been dubbed as the Dance Princess of the Philippines for her powerful performances in ABS-CBN's noontime variety show 'ASAP'.

Even if young actresses have shown that they hold a candle against her mad dancing skills, Maja proves that everyday is a stage where she can get her groove on and prove that she is truly the princess of the dance floor.

Here are 8 instances that Maja showed everyone that she deserves her title on her Instagram page, featuring various clips of her dancing wherever she is.

1. Her performance for the opening of Robinson's Place Jaro.

Not only is she busting a move on the stage, but she is also singing - Maja can definitely give Sarah Geronimo a run for her money.

2. Dancing with a bag of chips.

Although not as intense as the previous item, Maja shakes her booty while eating a bag of Piattos. She might as well burn off every chip as she works it!

3. Doing the Trumpets Challenge.

Although she took on the challenge and performed it on 'ASAP', Maja posted on her Instagram page two back-to-back clips of her rehearsal. Her short videos just goes to show that performance level knows no bounds - whether she's in her sweats or in her costume.

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4. Doing the Running Man Challenge with her co-stars.

While the 'FPJ Ang Probinsyano' crew is busy setting up their equipment, Maja makes use of her quick downtime bonding with her co-stars. In this short clip, she is seen with John Prats and Simon Pineda as they do a quick rendition of the Running Man Challenge.

5. Goofing around during an 'ASAP' rehearsal.

Maja, who is also known for being makulit (mischievous), is joined by one of her peers who shares the same personality as hers: Enchong Dee. In her post, they can be seen dancing together but midway through the routine Enchong gave up and let Maja take the spotlight. Her boundless energy proves that she can dance her heart out all day, all

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6. Running Man Challenge in a b1k!ni.

This might be the skimpiest outfit she has worn while dancing, but who's complaining? Maja does the Running Man Challenge while on vacation, accompanied by a friend. We bet some guys are playing this clip on loop...

7. When Maja joins G-Force's rehearsals.

Since Maja is choreographed by none other than Teacher Georcelle, it is no surprise that she joins G-Force's rehearsals. She has uploaded two consecutive clips of her session with the famous dance group and stated in one post that she found it challenging to keep up with their dance moves. Despite her sentiment, she has proved that she can be just one of them, if not better.

8. Dancing is happiness.

Most of Maja's dancing videos have the hashtag #MajDance, which makes it easier for her fans to watch her work on the dance floor. Like the previous items in this list, these #MajDance clips are of her during rehearsals. Through these videos, one can see the hard work and dedication Maja has put into her production numbers and it clearly shows once she gets onstage in her slinky outfits.

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