7 unforgettable moments that happened because of AlDub

7 unforgettable moments that happened because of AlDub

No one for sure will ever forget the Philippines' most phenomenal couple who catches the hearts of every Filipino by accident.


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Listed below are some of the things many of us are guilty to have done because of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza's magical and kilig-filled AlDub love team.

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1. Sari-sari stores will temporary close when the clock strikes 12 noon. Just like that.

The whole world stops just to watch AlDub's Kalyserye segment in Eat Bulaga.

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2. Nothing is funnier than the neglected and overcooked tocino because of too much watching AlDub.


3. The epidemic plywood hatred.

It was the biggest hurdle in Alden and Yaya Dub's supposed meeting. So everyone abhors the antagonistic plywood at that time.

Feeling guilty, the plywood even released a statement to all Aldub fans explaining that it was not its fault.

The plywood's official statement:

"Dear Aldubarkads

"Sorry po sa nangyari kanina, hindi ko po talaga kagustuhan na humadlang sa gitna ni Alden at Yaya Dub/Maine. Ako po ay isang props lamang na naghahangad sumikat pero hindi sa masamang paraan at wala po akong gustong masaktan.

"Hindi ko po nabasa ang script, ginamit lang po ako ni Lola Nidora, sabi po niya ay pipintahan nila ako ng maganda at gagawing background pag nagkita ang ALDUB, hindi ko sinadya na HUMADLANG sa kanila, I was usedand abused, kasi baguhan ako sa industriya. Humihingi po ako ng paumanhin at patawad sa aking mga nasaktan...


"Plywood sa gitna ng ALDUB"


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4. When Alden finally saw Yaya Dub, everyone cried.

So near yet so far.


This little girl was not exempted.

5. Everyone is imitating the quirky characters of the duo. AlDuB fever at its finest!


Photo from Pep.ph

Posing with the phenomenal "pabebe wave."


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6. From less to zero traffic. Literally.


Well, all are at home and consumed by their televisions. AlDub time it is!

7. False alarm. Lol.


That moment when your friend found the necessity to ask your condition after watching AlDub.


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