6 reasons why everyone should follow Jessy Mendiola on Instagram

6 reasons why everyone should follow Jessy Mendiola on Instagram

Kapamilya actress Jessy Mendiola continues to be one of the most-talked about celebrities this 2016 due to her win as For Him Magazine's (FHM) Sexiest Woman of the Year. While most were not satisfied with the magazine's decision, that did not stop her from living up to her title and proving that she is more than just a hot commodity.

Despite her status, she is just like any other girl who enjoys the simple things in life and likes to keep her online presence as light and positive as possible.

If you are not convinced of her image as a sex symbol, then you should definitely check out other aspects of her on her social media feed that will make you like her or become a fan.

1. She advocates healthy living through proper exercise and a balanced diet.

She is doing this not just for the sake of keeping her title, but for her health. Haters might like to pick on her so-called 'thunder thighs', but without them she would not be able to do the intense workouts she has been doing lately.

Aside from posting what she does inside the gym, she also eats a healthy diet thanks to food delivery services that tailor their meals depending on their clients' needs or specifications. However, she does not deprive her body of some indulgences as she rewards herself with her favorite foods from time to time.

2. She is not afraid to let the world know of her beauty.

While others may find posting selfies to be annoying, that is not the case with the 'Banana Sundae' cast member. Her feed perfectly encapsulates her life, which is a balance of work, play, and fitness. From time to time, she shares her beautifully-made up face which makes us want to cop her look on our next event or night out with friends.

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3. She likes to keep her followers inspired and motivated through sharing uplifting quotes.

She is only human and from time to time she needs food for the soul. Jessy likes to post quotes that get to her, sharing good vibes to her followers. Sometimes, we need to be reminded of the greater things in life and we are grateful that she lets us think beyond superficial thoughts through her simple action.

4. She is the perfect example of a person who loves her work.

Jessy never lets her followers miss any of her projects and that is a good thing - that just goes to show that she is proud of her endeavors and she wants her fans to feel the same. After all, a celebrity's success is largely due to his or her fans (and yes, even the bashers).

Not only does she posts snippets of her upcoming shows or photo shoots, but she also shares behind-the-scenes photos and clips with her fellow actors and crew members.

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5. She is always up for adventure - whether she's exploring the country or travelling elsewhere.

Jessy proves that she is game for anything as she lets her wanderlust take her to different places. Despite traveling for both work and pleasure, she seems to be fond of the beach - just lying on the sand and reading a book. What could be more chill than that?

6. She does not let her fame get to her as she still gets starstruck meeting other celebrities.

Although she has been in the business for almost a decade, she is just like the rest of us who still fangirls over celebrities. She has documented some of her encounters on her Instagram page, with descriptions that show how humble and likable she really is.

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