9 drop dead gorgeous photos of Julia Barretto

9 drop dead gorgeous photos of Julia Barretto

- No one would argue when someone claims how Julia Barretto could pass as a goddess

- The actress has been famous for her beauty, acting chops, and renowned family name

- Here are 9 proofs that Julia easily slays in life

It is highly possible that the Barretto clan possesses the most sought after genes in the entertainment industry.

While Claudine and Gretchen have both made a name for themselves during the peak of their careers, their niece Julia continues to prove that she is indeed worthy of their name in terms of beauty and talent.

These 9 photos of the young actress would probably cause you to question life’s unfairness.

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1. Regardless whether this is truly a candid one or not, the fact that she remains to be stunning amid the messy hairdo just shows how she does not need a complicated style to display her looks.

2. By now, it should no longer come as a surprise how breathtaking celebrities are when they have been all glammed up. But for Julia, it seems that it would take us a few years before we could stop whispering ‘ang ganda’ to ourselves.

3. Apparently, the camera simply adores her even though she tries to hide a part of her face from the lenses. Can we just talk about how jaw-dropping she is with her slender fingers and despite the disheveled ponytail?

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4. We can’t get enough of Julia’s deep dimples! This young lady surely knows how to keep it simple yet elegant.

5. If you still doubt Julia’s beauty, then we hope this photo has put an end to your second thoughts. Makeup-free and in home clothes, who else could look like they just stepped out of a photo shoot other than her?

6. Oh, come on. This is starting to get ridiculous! How could you still be attractive when you’re already covered up with mud – she isn’t even trying!

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7. Remember those times when you feel embarrassed eating a burger in front of other people since it’s one of those foods that just take away your poise? Meanwhile, Julia here doesn’t seem to share the same woes with us.

8. Expect Julia to turn a local place to a shot that looks like it occurred in a European country. We won’t mind bumping into her, but maybe she shouldn’t walk out with that gown as it may worsen the traffic in Manila – all eyes would be glued on her, no one would dare easily drive past!

9. All hail the queen! What? This was only during her debut? Okay, we give up. How to be you, Julia?

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Although fans have been missing Julia on their television screens, she is set to come back in 2017 as Zoe on “The Second Wife.” Apart from that, the actress has upcoming movies this year entitled “Bloody Crayons” and the film adaptation of “Vince and Kath.”

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