8 photos of Marian Rivera that the world should recognize

8 photos of Marian Rivera that the world should recognize

- Marian Rivera continues to prove why she’s someone the Philippines should be proud of introducing to the world

- She has always been commendable for her gorgeous face, dedication to the craft, and genuine personality

- After giving birth, she remains to be an inspiration not only to her fans but to all Filipina women

Marian Rivera started out like any other actresses in the industry – considering themselves lucky as they get a supporting role. It wasn’t until the Philippine adaptation of “Marimar” that people realized GMA-7 has a hidden brilliant actress under their network.

From then on, the rise of her career never stopped. Aside from her high-rating shows, she also top billed a couple of movies. Moreover, she met her current husband, Dingdong Dantes during these projects.

Besides her gorgeous face, her dedication to all the things she does is one of the reasons why the world is missing out if they haven’t heard of her.

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1. That time she empowered women while doing her job

Under her belt are numerous commercials that can simply focus on promoting their products but it was not the case with Marian. Whenever she can, she promotes individuality and independence among women.

2. How she continues to emphasize that being a mother is her #1 priority

Marian doesn’t have a problem sharing how grateful she is for giving birth to baby Zia. She publicly displays how she puts her family above everything else.

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3. Have you really seen someone as gorgeous as her?

Born to a Spanish father, Marian’s deep set eyes and mestiza features surely captured everyone’s attention. But more than just her pretty face, she exudes confidence.

4. When her quirky side just added to her charm

During her trip to a museum of optical illusions, she didn’t waste her time joining in the fun. Her infectious smile only adds to her appeal every time.

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5. When she shared her normal family day with everyone

When you’re one of the country’s royal couple, how do you spend your regular days? ‘Just like everyone else,’ she said. We can’t help but to be in awe of this humble family.

6. That time she inspired every new mother to find their own glow

It’s as if she had not given birth! Marian flawlessly posed with her colorful bikini during her birthday trip to Balesin. She served as an example that you can still be a good mom while taking care of yourself.

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7. When she showed who is still the real queen

The clothing line “Bench” has the brightest stars of the showbiz industry under their company. But when the photos dropped, all eyes are on her.

8. When she posted a throwback picture to their iconic proposal on national TV

When this couple everyone’s rooting for officially announced they’re getting married, everyone rejoiced with them. Although the original proposal was done by Dingdong in Singapore, their aired moment was just as memorable.

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After finishing her morning lifestyle show, “Yan ang Morning!” Marian announced that she will be taking a break from television for a while to focus more on taking care of her daughter.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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