6 times Coleen Garcia has inspired you to work out

6 times Coleen Garcia has inspired you to work out

- Apart from her impressive acting, Coleen Garcia has also been known for her sexy figure

- Even prior to her seductive roles, the actress has already been dubbed for her laudable dedication on maintaining her figure

- Here are some photos of her that would surely inspire you to do just the same

Who says an enviable figure is only applicable during the summer? Obviously, not Coleen Garcia for she keeps it in check all year round.

The young actress has taken a huge leap in her career when she decided to accept more mature roles – far from what we usually see during her previous hosting stint on “It’s Showtime.”

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Nevertheless, it proved it be for the better for since she does not only experience a steadily rising fame but has served as an inspiration to the young ladies out there to be extra conscious of their lifestyle.

Here are 6 photos that would probably get your butts off the couch and head to your nearest gyms, as soon as possible!

1. Coleen’s generous enough to give us a peek-a-boo of her abs after her workout at Ride Revolution. We thought that sweating for over an hour would make one appear haggard, but Coleen looked no less beautiful than how she was before she began. If only that was the same for everyone…

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2. If you think that Coleen could not even lift a single book because of her timid appearance, then you have been completely duped. Even though she claimed to have missed her exercise routines for nearly two weeks, she could still pull off those weights.

3. This lady is welcome to trying different types of exercises – even if it entails defying gravity! You are lying if you say that this does not push you into booking a schedule with a Pilates instructor soon!

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4. Of course, after those rigorous tiring training come the amazing results! Coleen proved that she has no need on always sporting a bikini to display her sexiness. With all those hard work, even a simple one piece would do her justice.

5. While we don’t have the slightest chance of posing for Bench just like Coleen, we could still indulge ourselves into looking and feeling sexy while wearing our undies underneath our clothes. Hey, it’s an extremely effective way of boosting one’s confidence!

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6. Now we clearly see the pay off! If you want to have those abs and firm limbs, then it’s time for you to get up and get going.

Coleen Garcia was a part of “It’s Showtime” for four years until she had to leave in order to pursue her acting career. She has portrayed sexy roles for a few films such as “Ex With Benefits” and “Love Me Tomorrow” under Star Cinema.

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