Shabu prices increase due to drug war

Shabu prices increase due to drug war

- The price of shabu from P3,000 per gram drastically increased to P25,000

- PNP chief Ronald Dela Rosa said that the increase of the price of shabu was greatly affected by the supply and demand of the drug

- Dela Rosa said that the price increase reflects the success of the administration's drug war

The scarcity of illegal drugs due to President Rodrigo Duterte's campaign has led to drastic price increase of shabu from P3,000 per gram to P25,000 each.

The previous price of one kilo of shabu was reported to be P5 million but as the administration's drug war takes place, a kilo in now worth P25 million according to Dela Rosa.

According to Director General Ronald Dela Rosa of the Philippine National Police (PNP), the price of shabu has greatly affected the demand and supply of the illegal drug. Dela Rosa added that shabu's supply was reduced by 70 to 80 percent as its price continues to rise.


Confiscated drugs (Photo from

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The PNP chief claims that the price increase of the illegal drug is a result of the administration's success in eradicating illegal drugs in the country. In the president's first 100 days, Dela Rosa stated that the police and the administration is winning against illegal drugs and the traffickers.

Since President Duterte assumed office, 732,000 drug traffickers have already surrendered to the authorities and 22,000 were arrested. PNP is conducting an investigation on the 2,000 deaths of alleged drug traffickers where 500 cases are being investigated, 200 have already been solved, and 300 cases are filed against illegal drug suspects who are still at-large.

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According to Dela Rosa, the drug war has become a challenging task for the authorities since they needed the support of the public. But unfortunately, some people are not in favor of the way the authorities execute their drug war which turned out to be a bloody one.

Local and international critics emerged as they tend to question President Duterte's way of

Dela Rosa, however, said that he is not in favor of the vigilante killings of the drug suspects.

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