7 Scientific reasons you should have regular sex

7 Scientific reasons you should have regular sex

Science says its good, what more can you ask? Here are several reason why each person should be more active in their sex life.

7 Scientific reasons you should have regular sex

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1. You are less likely to get prostate cancer

The Harvard Medical School conducted a study and discovered that regular ejaculation reduces the chances of getting prostate cancer by 22%. So if you want to live longer and perhaps avoid getting cancer, be sure to have a healthy and frequent sex life. If you are ever having doubts of getting laid, this is definitely a solid reason to just go for it.

2. You are less likely to get a cold!

Science has yet to find a full proof cure for the common cold. While there are many home remedies to prevent a cold from happening, studies shows that sex increases your resistance to colds. According to researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, making love releases antigens like immunoglobulin A. These antigens combat flus and colds. So yeah, if you hate having the sniffles and you don't trust home remedies, just have more sex.

3. You look young and amazing

In an experiment by Scottish researcher and clinical neuropsychologist David weeks, people who had sex on a regular basis were deemed 7 to 12 years younger. Moreover, the same study concluded that those who had sex more than twice a week had a higher level of confidence. So for those of you who are allergic to getting old, get more sexy time. This will surely make you yeras younger and help you with your confidence. Just do it, there is nothing to lose!

4. It helps reduce menstrual cramps

That time of the month for most women is the worst time for them because they undergo menstrual cramps. However, studies showed that when a woman masturbates, her menstrual cramps leave more quickly. So if you don't like pain, masturbate (or have sex).

5. It strengthens your immune system

In several fertility and sterility studies, people with regular sex or who masturbate often have better immune systems. So while eating healthy and drinking vitamins help with your immune system, there is nothing wrong with adding sex to the routine.

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7 Scientific reasons you should have regular sex

6. Regular sex lowers your blood pressure and stress

According to a 2005 study, sex lowers blood pressure and relieves stress. So if you have high blood pressure or are stressed with work, then get kinky and do it. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

7. Sex helps brain activity

Separate studies by researchers at the University of Maryland and Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea, showed that mice and rats who had intercourse on a regular basis increased their brain activity because of reduced stress. Therefore, the more sex you have, the better your brain functions. Remember that when you have stressful work to do!

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