7 things you did because of Liza Soberano

7 things you did because of Liza Soberano

- It’s impossible for anybody to ignore one of the most gorgeous celebrities in the Philippines, Liza Soberano

- Aside from her captivating face, she’s also commended for her acting skills and how she could even sing, rap and dance

- Liza serves as an inspiration to a lot of people who just can’t get enough of her

Given the growing number of budding celebrities every year, there’s one artist you just can’t replace.

Liza Soberano has a face that stands out among the rest and equipped with promising acting skills, she’s unstoppable.

It’s impossible for you to not hear about the fact that she has probably been the most noticeable Filipino celebrity among foreign acts. With Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber, and The Vamps, you have to admit that this girl’s bound to be recognizable worldwide.

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Here are 7 things you have embarrassingly done at one point because of Liza Soberano.

1. Faced the mirror and asked why the world is unfair

For some reason, God just decided to give her all the best facial features. On top of that, she’s also praised for her genuine acting that could touch any viewers. She can also sing, rap, and dance. Last of all, she’s unbelievably kind. How to be you po, Liza?

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2. Rap like no one’s watching

It came off as a surprise when someone who’s as timid as Liza likes listening to rap. You can even find numerous videos of her effortlessly rapping. That’s why when no one’s looking you also attempted to do the same thing. The result? Well, it’s not easy and you still have to practice.

3. Bought the cosmetic products she’s advertising

The brand Maybelline really did a good job upon signing her. What better way to promote your product than saying, “If you use this, you might just look like Liza Soberano.” Of course, we’re not gullible. But where’s the harm in attempting to have the same eyebrows as hers?

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4. Attempted to pull off a no makeup selfie

No one transforms better than Liza in front of the makeup chair. She can go from innocent to sultry in just a second depending on the photoshoot’s mood. But during her rest days, she has no problem sharing her bare face to the world. We tried to do the same but it’s just not as flawless as hers.

5. Mentioned your favorite artist so they could notice you too

The running joke to hide Liza Soberano from all the international celebrities visiting the country has a point. Even when she’s trying or not, she always get their attention. In the hopes of sharing the same fate as hers, you also mention your favorite singer on Twitter or Instagram from time to time.

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6. Wore the same outfits as her

For all we know, Liza can wear a sack and she would still rock it. But despite that theory, she still opts to wear laidback outfits that best describes her simplicity. Given that you also have the same pieces of clothing in your closet, why not try dressing like her for a day?

7. Imagined what’s it like to be her best friend

Whenever she would give interviews, you can always sense her confidence and humility at the same time. With the ability to be so down to earth despite all the achievements she’s getting, we definitely want to be her friend. You must have imagined that too, right?

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Liza together with Enrique Gil recently just wrapped their latest teleserye, “Dolce Amore.” They’re scheduled to release a film later this year. On top of that, she has also been gracing the covers of different local magazines every month.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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