6 times Nadine Lustre perfectly amazed us during her trips

6 times Nadine Lustre perfectly amazed us during her trips

- During her recent trips around the world, Nadine Lustre gave us some things to remember whenever we would travel

- Her open mindedness to culture and commitment to enjoy every trip makes her admirable

- Even though she gets to travel because of work, she still takes the time to enjoy some time for herself

When you’re as famous as Nadine Lustre, it may be hard keeping tabs on your schedule. One day you’re shooting for your hit teleserye, “Till I Met You,” and the next day, you’re traveling for your nationwide concert.

This is what entails when you’re the other half of one of the biggest love teams in the Philippines. Your legion of fans aren’t limited locally but also around the world.

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That’s why in many instances, she has the chance to fly to different parts of the world either to perform or shoot for a high profile magazine cover.

Here are 6 things we’ve learned from Nadine Lustre as she conquers perfection, one step at a time.

1. She’s always dressed for the destination

Everyone will tell you it’s impractical to wear a trench coat in the Philippines where it’s so hot. The same goes for travelling. It doesn’t matter where in part of the world she is but Nadine brings style anywhere.

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2. Call it cliché but why not visit the tourist destinations anyway?

It’s fun to see Nadine enjoy travelling like any tourist out there. She has taken every opportunity to snap some photos in the remarkable places she visited. So what if there are 10 other people posing in the same place with you? It’s the experience that counts.

3. It’s not so bad to invest on the delicacies

We know it’s tempting to stick with the food you’re sure will taste good but live a little. You can always eat that chicken when you get back to the Philippines but for now explore the others! Just like Nadine, it will surprise you how much you’re missing on.

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4. There is always the perfect time to just appreciate where you’re standing at the moment

The urge to take pictures and document your trip will always be there. The same goes for Nadine who’s a known film and photography enthusiast. But she also makes it a point to pause for a while and just enjoy her surroundings.

5. She can capture the best moments of each places

When they said Nadine Lustre was talented, they didn’t elaborate how she’s perfect. While some of us struggle to hold a steady camera, she obviously has the knacks for it. Can anyone ever forget her “Always” video with James Reid?

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6. She has proved over and over why travelling with your favorite person is the best thing

While her solo photos are flawless, nothing beats seeing her having the best time of her life with her beau, James Reid. They are the reason why couples now understand how important it is to take some time and travel with your loved one.

James and Nadine are currently on a nationwide tour of their concert, “Jadine in Love.” In the past few months, they’ve visited many countries abroad to perform for their dedicated fans.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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