Instagram fitspiration courtesy of 6 local celebs

Instagram fitspiration courtesy of 6 local celebs

In this age of social media, nothing is spared from sharing - but it is through these channels that we get inspired to do something for ourselves.

For example, the desire to get fit can be triggered by images of celebrities who post clips of their workout routine or photos of their healthy meals.

In this list, we have six local celebrities who prove that despite their busy schedules, they can still maintain their fit bodies through proper diet and regular exercise.

1. Bianca King

Not the most obvious choice, but the model/actress is the most health-conscious in the bunch. Aside from running a healthy and organic restaurant with fashion photographer and fellow runner Xander Angeles, Bianca is known for her active lifestyle.

She has been into Zumba, cycling, and yoga among other pursuits.

Her health-related achievements are also what we should imbibe into our lives.

2. Anne Curtis

We commend the 'It's Showtime' host for still having the time to squeeze in a run and a workout despite her busy schedule.

She has been known to fully commit to her routines, especially when her projects call for it. She has documented on Instagram some of the intense training she has to do for her upcoming action film with Brandon Vera, a Filipino-American mixed martial artist.

However, on a regular basis, Anne runs marathons which she has also put to good use for UNICEF's Heroes for Children Run.

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3. Kim Atienza

It is no surprise that the TV host is a part of this list - he's a distinguished marathon runner and triathlete!

Fitness knows no age and Kuya Kim just proves that as he posts pictures of his healthy journey on his Instagram page.

If he is not training with his triathlete friends, he works out with his celebrity peers who love a good exercise as much as him.

4. Solenn Heussaff

It is no secret that the Kapuso actress is one of our fitspirations (a combination of fitness and inspiration) in life.

To those who want to know the secrets on maintaining her sexy body, she has it covered for you in her book 'Hot Sos'.

Not only does the book aim to help us live a healthier lifestyle through regular exercise and proper diet, but it also wants us to love the body we're in whether we have not started working out yet or we are in the process of losing weight.

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5. Matteo Guidicelli

Another expected choice, but with good reason - the man does love a good workout.

Prior to starting his career in showbiz, Matteo has already made waves in the racing circuit.

It is no surprise that he loves the adrenaline rush - whether that's from joining a triathlon or training for a martial art.

6. Jessy Mendiola

Love her or hate her - she is really working hard to maintain her figure, if not improve it for the long haul.

Haters may like to nitpick on her 'thunder thighs', but she acknowledges the strength it gives her in accomplishing tough workout routines.

Her feed may be overflowing with her workout posts, but that goes to show that she is determined to prove her detractors wrong and live up to her title. Be the sexy and strong woman you are meant to be, Jessy!

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